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Dry Powder Fire Truck To Quickly And Effectively Suppress The Fire
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Pilot-type high-rise building dry powder is a kind of special fire fighting equipment for emergency rescue of high-rise, super-high-rise buildings or other dangerous places developed by space launch technology, control technology and information processing technology under modern urban environment.

High-rise building fire engines can be independent of the implementation of fire safety operations, through the launch of fire-fighting bombs, the fire extinguishing agent long-range accurate delivery to the fire, to quickly and effectively suppress the fire, and have a "one-click" The convenience of operation.

Fire extinguishers with low-profile green launch technology, firing smoke-free, no cracked fragments, the bomb control system can also ensure that the accident situation under the independent safety of the ground landing.

At the same time, the missile-type high-rise building fire engines also have long-distance relief supplies delivery function for the rescue workers to provide basic security supplies. Its main functions are:

With cycling maneuverability, can carry 24 fire extinguishing devices, suitable for urban environment in the ordinary road fast mobile deployment;

With a single launch or cluster fire extinguishing device function, the number of fire extinguishing devices and fire extinguishing agent type can be based on user needs and fire type flexible configuration;

With a maximum effective height of 500m to save the building wall surface or indoor fire function;

With fireworks fire safety function and fire extinguishing device abnormal state self-destruction function to ensure that the daily maintenance and fire fighting operations when the use of fire safety;

With infrared night vision function and target detection function, you can shoot, record the fire scene video, assess the fire performance;

With independent power supply and distribution functions for the system equipment to provide power;

With automatic leveling and maintain leveling accuracy;

With vehicle equipment self-test and fault location function;

With the outside world communication function.