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Extinguishing New Equipment To Solve The Problem Of Fire Truck
- Dec 29, 2017 -

In recent years, similar "fire fighting fire trucks", "fire access to the fire truck" incidents often occur. Some older urban areas have narrow roads and insufficient water resources. Some new communities may also have problems with social vehicles crowding out fire engines. Once encountered fire, fire officers and soldiers often can get off at the main street, in the form of hand TaiJian carry the heavy fire extinguishing equipment to the scene of the accident, which extended the precious rescue time, and serious officers and men's physical consumption, bring fire fighting work.

In the face of this problem, the daishan fire brigade in zhoushan city, zhejiang province, has designed a new fire-fighting and rescue equipment.

A simple fire brigade designed by daishan fire brigade

The fire brigade is refitted from the ordinary civilian flat car, mainly used to place the hand lift pump, the water belt and the suction pipe, etc. When not normally use, can remove the place plate, fold into the fire engine, do not take up a lot of space. When used, a fireman can be operated separately: one hand lift pump and one suction pipe can be placed during one deformation. In the second deformation, you can put six more water belts.

During the modification process, the officers and soldiers carefully drew the design drawings according to the size of the loading rescue equipment, and welding the whole frame under the guidance of the professional welder. For the trolley to adapt to the actual situation of the old road uneven, fire officers and soldiers also to replace the original small plastic wheels with larger and more solid wheels, and a field testing for many times, to ensure that fire trolley can really "draw, use".

At present, the two condensation daishan fire brigade all the officers and men of wisdom and sweat simple fire trolley has complete assembly, in the trial, the fire fighting and rescue work for the future of smooth provides important support.