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Fire Engine Manufacturer Tells You How To Operate Fire Engine
- Mar 07, 2017 -

1, through the fire hydrant to the fire engine tank with water.

This is the easiest way to fire truck water, just a plate of fire hose, link fire hydrants and fire truck water, water, open fire hydrants, water enters the tank.

2, through the fire to the fire engine pumps self-priming in the tank water.

The first step: the suction pipe with the fire pump water inlet connection, as shown in the figure. (Note that the check when a connection is connected, so as not to leak water absorption)

Step two: close the pump valve position, open the water inlet valve location.

Step three: hang up the PTO. PTO switch oil steam brake and brake (Note hanging power takeoff when stepping on the clutch switch, slowly release clutch)

Fourth step: open position of the vacuum pump, vacuum pump exhaust valves open simultaneously and observe the readings of vacuum pumps, vacuum up to 0.02 who will be able to enter the tank, when the vacuum gauge up to 0.02 readings do not drop, turn off the vacuum pump exhaust valve Figure 4 position, close the vacuum pump Figure 5 location. (If the vacuum gauge is not moving, it proved to be a leak is not connected, then carefully check find a flat place)

Fifth step: when the water is full and remove PTO, close the inlet valve Figure 3 position, open the fire pump drain valve Figure 7 the location row in a vacuum, remove the suction pipe, cover the lid.

3, through the water pumps in the tank play

The first step: the location of the inlet valves for open fire pump, close the water inlet valve location. Other valve closes.

The second step: hang up the PTO.

Step three: open the outlet valve, throttle booster.