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Fire Engine Matching Tool Fire Hydrant Introduction.
- Mar 18, 2018 -

This hydrant is also called fire hydrant, and it is divided into indoor fire hydrant and outdoor fire hydrant, which is the necessary equipment for the elimination of fire prevention in the city. When the fire truck is running out of water, the hydrant will come in handy, and the hydrant is actually a good thing to add water to the fire engine. My friends often see that the water in the fire truck on TV is inexhaustible, right? In fact, it is not, this mainly has the fire hydrant in the back silently support it. However, in the real life, because some units and individual fire safety awareness is very weak, many local fire hydrant is damaged by the various. It's not the lack of arms or legs, and some of the hydrants on the main street that have been captured and buried by construction engineering. Moreover, some of the hydrants have been blocked by vehicles and stalls, which can't be connected at all. Some have even been cut off from the water supply, which seriously threatens the smooth operation of the fire fighting. If this fire occurs, the fire hydrant will not play its due role, thus delaying the best time to fire the fire, the loss will be big. Therefore, we advise that the fire hydrant is an important tool to protect the fire fighting force, and its deficiency and damage will pose a serious threat to the lives and property of our common people. So, I hope you can take good care of the safety of hydrants in the city public facilities. By the way, there is common when doing the fire control work in our company also need to do the following maintenance to the hydrant, the best is to be able to do a check regularly, not when the time comes when there is a fire hydrant in the trouble