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Fire Engines Fitted With Hand-carried Fire Pump Motor Operation
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Hand-carried fire pump motor to use:

1. hand-carried fire pump engine engine check engine user manual all preparations prior to launch.

2. water check water lubricating oil cup oil, should be enough to refuel.

3. Press engine user manual, operating the engine starting, engine starters should be in idle state.

4. pump water diversion: after the engine start idle engine speed increased to about 3600/min, the throttle switch is pushed to the high speed position, switch before opening the diversion, diversion for the joystick, making high-speed turns to the water outlet of diversion water and gradually open the pump valve, pump out of the water. Close the water switch, release the water lever water stop spinning water will come to an end.

5. engine starting, water pump

6. pump: water pump water pump starts working after water, under normal conditions, water pump water pressure control in 0.6MPa, engine speed at around 3300 rpm, can run for a long time. If the pump needs to stop water supply, to reduce the engine speed, idling, and then close the outlet valve, need to turn my water supply valve and the engine speed increases.

7. fire hydrant water, close the water switch, water is not water, start the engine, can directly absorb water.

8. pump stops water supply: engine owner's manual calls for cessation of operation, close the fuel tank the fuel switch, open the pump release valve, pump water when you are finished, close the drain valve and the pump outlet valve.