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Fire Extinguishing Mechanism And Technical Choice Of Three Phase Jet Fire Engine
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Three-phase jet fire engine

Three-phase jet fire engine can be said to fill a gap in China's fire equipment, is a new technology, advanced technology, and this technology is different from the traditional fire engine. The so-called three-phase jet is two concepts, one is from the fire extinguisher selected by the fire engine material form, including solid, liquid, gaseous three material forms of organic synthesis, so called three-phase jet; the other is from the perspective of fluid mechanics, the synthesis of three-phase flow. Instead of covering the oil surface slowly with ordinary foam, the technology uses cold aerosols to extinguish fire instantaneously. Cold aerosols and fire extinguishing agents are now used, together with nitrogen, to deliver three synthetic fire extinguishing agents to the burning surface at the same time, using water as a carrier. This kind of fire engine uses three phase jet fire extinguishing technology to have broad spectrum extinguishing efficiency. In terms of fire classification, it was impossible to extinguish gas fires with foam in the past for class B and C fires, and the extinguishing of class B fires would last for a long time, which could lead to higher temperature and higher loss, thus endangering the lives of firefighters. The application of three-phase jet extinguishing technology can extinguish the fire in a short time, which can control the combustion and reduce the loss. This technology has broad prospects for development. The application of three phase jet fire technology may change the structure of fire equipment in China. It is very promising for equipment to decide tactical tactics, change the structure of equipment, and change tactics. With this development, the application of three-phase jet fire extinguishing technology may replace foam extinguishing technology. It is a leading technology in the world and a subject independently researched and developed by the fire Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Public Security. It is a frontier technology and will certainly have a broad application prospect. It will not only improve the fire extinguishing efficiency, increase economic benefits, but also bring enormous social benefits.

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