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Fire Pump Operation
- Dec 22, 2017 -

1. Preparation before operation

1. Check the lubricating oil level in the bearing box and the primer pump, if insufficient.

2. Close all remaining water cocks and valves.

Two. Fire engines bring in water and water

1. When using the water in the pond, remove the suction pipe, one end connected to the pump water inlet and the other end connected to water filter and into the pond, after close the inlet butterfly valve and open the water valve, can fill the tank.

2. When using water in a hydrant, the water hose connects the hydrant with the water injection interface, and the water is injected directly into the tank.

Three. Fire truck is out of water

When the fire truck USES the water in the water tank, open the backwater butterfly valve and start the fire pump.

1. Low pressure water

After fire pump operation, open low pressure outlet ball valve can realize low pressure water outlet

2. Guns out of the water

In low-pressure operation, close the low-pressure outlet ball valve and open the gun ball valve to fire the fire extinguishing.

Iv. Precautions for fire engines

1. After the fire pump has been used, all the water on the pump should be opened to release the water in the pump. After the water is finished, all the switches will be turned off to prevent the freezing and the next use.

2. After the pump has used seawater, sewage, corrosive water and foam mixture, apply clean water for more than 1min to clean the residual liquid in the pump.

3. Check the lubrication in the bearing regularly, if the oil is lower than the oil.

4. After using fire fire pump in winter, pump the piston pump several times, so that the piston pump is exhausted, preventing ice.

5. Water pump is strictly prohibited for long periods without water (over 1min)