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Fire Safety Education VR Platform In Hangzhou Fire Research And Development Area
- Jun 07, 2018 -

For universal access to the fire escape propaganda work, further improve the fire safety awareness and promotion on fire control safety education VR platform, hangzhou scenic spot fire brigade joint book micro technology development in the province the first fire safety education VR platform.

Fire control propaganda and education, as a fire fighting forces an important window for foreign popular fire control knowledge, can use new technology to meet the current community needs and desires is the current fire control propaganda and education work to solve the problem of important short board, based on the current model in the fire control propaganda, interaction with single carrier not enough reality, scenic brigade joint micro technology to develop the latest book scene "VR" fire escape simulation system, provided by the brigade fire control propaganda and professional and technical knowledge, company staff through software, computer modeling methods such as setting builds a virtual scene, load for users to click on the experience to the host.

Wearing VR glasses to participate in the experience, the inside of the glasses will display synchronously with the computer on the side, showing a closed office suddenly caught fire. Facing the scene of fire and smoke billowing outside the door, I managed to escape through the fire safety warning, covering my wet towel and leaning down the green passage. The VR gaming platform tells us that the game can be played again. We don't know how to escape in real fire.

By VR platform for experience immersive moment in the process of simulation, according to the "fire", the correct use of fire equipment to undertake fire fighting and rescue and fire escape experience, with practical study on fire control safety knowledge, master safety survival skills.