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What Are The Characteristics Of A Fire Truck Compared To An Ordinary Car?
- Sep 07, 2017 -

 Compared with ordinary cars, the characteristics of fire engines:

1. Professional use clear

 Fire vehicles in accordance with the purpose can be divided into rescue vehicles, water tankers, high spray cars, lighting cars, lift cars, washing cars, etc., each type of vehicle carrying different equipment, use clear, on-demand use.

2. High stability requirements

   Firefighters bear the task of fire fighting and rescue has a \ It is a serious accident. So the performance of the vehicle has a very high demand, which is the hardware, the software is the fire station drivers must check and maintenance of vehicles every day to ensure that the vehicle at any time complete and easy to use, found that the problem must be eliminated.

3. The most expensive is not necessarily the best

  Ordinary vehicles are generally expensive is good, we all like Mercedes Benz Infiniti, but the choice of fire vehicles and the area must match the actual situation. If the area is the economic development of backward rural or third-tier cities, suburbs, villages on the scene more, then the vehicle selection to small, mainly through the strong, large cars can not enter the village that is furnishings. If the area of economic development is good, more factories and mines, fuel load, that the choice of fire vehicles on the medium-sized, heavy water tankers, foam cars and high-jet car-based, can deal with the plant, warehouse and other fire The

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