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Fire Truck, Also Known As Fire Engines
- Jun 02, 2017 -

  Fire Truck, also known as Fire engines, are specially designed for use as fire or other emergency rescue vehicles. Fire Truck according to the function can be divided into pump (pump), ladder cars and other specialized vehicles. Fire Truck are usually stationed in the fire department, when the alarm by firefighters driving to the scene. Most areas of the Fire Truck are sprayed with bright red (some areas are also bright yellow Fire Truck), in the roof with a siren and flashing lights. Fire Truck are equipped with a variety of fire equipment, fire equipment, all kinds of Fire Truck in general, is the fire fighting and fire fighting the main tool is the most basic mobile fire equipment. The quality of the fire truck, reflecting the level of a national fire equipment, and even reflect the level of the country's fire industry.

  Fire Truck are mainly used in the enterprise fire, village Fire Truck, urban fire, community fire, the above four almost include the main use of civil Fire Truck; of course, although there is no military Fire Truck, such as military fire on the strict requirements, But almost with other enterprises on the other car is the same.

  Civil Fire Truck on the card requirements are divided into two steps: 1. Before the purchase of Fire Truck, fire departments in the local fire to prove that the vehicle management will be based on whether to give evidence. 2. In the production of Fire Truck manufacturers must provide complete legal procedures, such as Fire Truck dual certificate (here refers to the vehicle certificate and chassis certificate), fire truck invoices, fire truck chassis certification, etc., there is a requirement to provide Exempted models, this way, the purchase of additional fuel tax can be removed, for the enterprise to save a small amount of overhead.