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Fire Truck Driving Power Shortage Solution
- Jul 25, 2017 -

  Fire Truck driving power shortage solution

  The Fire Truck was in power. Parking test: the engine idling speed, low speed good, medium and high speed work is not Gengliang; accelerated carburetor issued a "squeak, squeak" sound, pull the throttle slightly improved, the engine no obvious jitter, , Can be a preliminary judgment is the Fire Truck oil circuit failure.

  From the carburetor oil level observation hole can be seen: oil surface is normal, good oil supply; then remove the carburetor inspection, speed up the pump assembly is intact, the oil channel is smooth; can confirm the carburetor technical condition is good The

  It may be the fire truck circuit failure, need to check: unplug the sub-line test fire, the fire is strong, the cylinder work are better, but sometimes when the high pressure off the fire, so open the distributor cover check. Contact clearance normal, good contact surface, no ablation phenomenon, Fire Truck active contact arm tension is normal, the connection parts are tight and reliable.

  Analysis of the above situation, we can see that the fire truck there was a common and personality are very obvious fault, much like a tubing leak or oil semi-blocked mixture caused by too thin, Fire Truck through the inspection, denied some judgments. If not in the oil, only in the circuit. Such as the cause of high pressure off the fire is also a lot of reasons, it is easy to suspect that the distributor contacts or capacitors failure; when the exclusion of these two possible, it can only find fault in the ignition coil. Check the ignition coil work if the failure, causing the engine to improve the speed can not be timely supply of high pressure sparks, and the failure. Fire Truck Replacement of a new ignition coil test, the failure can be lifted.