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Fire Truck In Use Should Pay Attention To Matters
- Oct 30, 2017 -

First, the fire truck went to the fire and arrived at the fire, the fire occupies a favorable position, quickly put into fire fighting.

1, the fire truck in the rush to the fire in the process, must ensure safe and rapid driving. The fire truck should be selected from the fire near the nearest fire truck road. When the multi-car is dispatched, the workshop will maintain a sufficient safe distance (50 to 80 meters). After arriving at the fire, avoid the same car into the same combat area, to prevent the fire commander to mobilize the vehicle in time to fight fire fighting, and then delay the fighter.

2, the driver of the fire in the fire must be firmly obey the command of the fire commander, witty and flexible implementation of the commander's command to ensure the smooth implementation of the fire fighting. In the event of irreversible changes in the fire, a direct threat to the safety of the case of fire truck, you can first transfer the vehicle to a more secure place to continue to fight, and timely report the vehicle parking position.

Second, the fire into the fire into the fire when the fire rescue, the operation should pay attention to several issues.

1, fire vehicles into the fire, the fire should be in accordance with the designated position of the commander to stop the vehicle. The parking attitude of the vehicle can meet the need for fire attack and retreat, and it is necessary to ensure that the dangerous position is withdrawn at any time. The vehicle engine must remain running, must not blindly turn off, adversely affected by fighters. fire truck began to water supply, should gradually increase the water pressure, to avoid the reaction of the water gun caused by casualties or water blasting, affecting the smooth development of fire fighting and rescue work.

2, in the process of access to water, should pay attention to whether the fire hydrant water pressure to meet the needs of fire truck. Reclamation of natural water should pay attention to the water depth of the river pond, sludge, etc., to prevent the shallow water depth and the intake pipe by the mud caused by the impact of fire water interruption.

3, in the water from the fire than the direct capacity of the fire truck, fire truck should be used to fire the way the fire water supply. The driver of the water supply truck should pay attention to the overflow of the water tank overflow pipe and maintain the proper water supply. In the car can not observe the car before the overflow situation, the driver can open the car before the car cannon above the hole, to prevent the water supply is too high due to the phenomenon of rising tank. In the water supply process, the water tanker should choose a hard road parked, can not park hard road, should take the necessary measures to prevent the vehicle into the quagmire due to overflow. Direct coupling of the relay water supply, should try to use the same type of fire truck, the car must be coordinated between each other to prevent the disruption of water supply due to improper operation. When direct water supply pressure is high, care should be taken to maintain proper water pressure to prevent injury to combat personnel.

Third, the fire in the correct use of foam fire truck (artillery) is the basis for extinguishing petrochemical fire.

Bubble fire truck (artillery vehicles) is fighting the oil, chemicals, factories and mines, port freight yard and other necessary equipment. Because it also has the performance of the tank fire truck, so the correct use of foam fire truck for each fire commander, is a worthy of attention. Due to the special performance of the foam fire truck, decided to fire the firefighters facing most of the petrochemical and other dangerous large fire scene. This kind of fire has the characteristics of burning speed, the change of fire situation, the high probability of explosion combustion and the threat to fire truck and combatants. Therefore, in order to make the fire fire truck reach the favorable position of the fire, Attention should be paid to the following:

1, the foam fire truck should be used to the rear of the fire against the fire, the rapid water, increased to the appropriate pressure, open the pressure water cock, and then open the bubble tank out of the ball valve, the mixer transferred to the appropriate position, aimed at the flame center, Foam solution.

2, when the use of foam guns for melee, should be based on the fire situation on the fire truck to the necessary protection. Can be covered with asbestos cloth body, when necessary, and can be covered with water mist.

3, in the whole process of fighting the fire, the driver must stick to the post, and constantly pay attention to the immediate leakage of the vehicle foam, timely filling foam liquid. Once the bubble liquid refill, will inevitably affect the entire fire fighting operations.

Fourth, to prevent the occurrence of water hammer.

When the pressure of water in the pipeline, fire water within the flow, due to fire valves, fire hydrants, water guns and other rapid closure and vehicle weight and other heavy objects across the pressurized water, so that the pipeline, fire water within the instantaneous flow of water, resulting in Pipes, fire water within the instantaneous increase in water pressure, elevated water pressure on the pipeline, fire hose and other effects, as hammered the same, this phenomenon known as the role of water hammer. Water hammer to form a pipeline, the fire hose to increase the pressure can reach several or even hundreds of atmospheric pressure, resulting in pipes, fire hose and other fire equipment, equipment damage, a direct impact on the fire rescue work. Therefore, in the fire rescue, must prevent the occurrence of water hammer effect.

5, dry powder and dry powder foam combined with the daily maintenance of fire truck and the use of fire points.

1, regular check dry powder junk powder is agglomerated. Add dry powder to prevent debris from mixing into them.

2, every five years in accordance with the provisions of the pressure on the dry powder tank for a water pressure and airtight test, to maintain 3 minutes, the pressure gauge value should not be decreased, the welding should not have leakage and abnormalities.

3, dry powder gun (gun) should be used after the timely cleaning of the cavity, so as not to corrosion, plug dry powder gun (gun).

4, often check the nitrogen, dry powder pipe joints, valves, found the problem, timely solution. Check the pressure in a nitrogen cylinder every three months. When the pressure inside the bottle is less than 12MP, it should be recharged.

5, dry powder car (dry powder foam combined car) in the fire should be based on the actual situation of the fire, the exact calculation of the amount of powder required to extinguish the fire, while the dry powder car (dry powder foam vehicle) as close as possible to the fire source , Aiming at the fire point, and strive to a successful fight. In the use of dry powder car for petrochemical fire rescue, the fire commanders should be mobilized according to the needs of the corresponding forces, good cover work, and should consider the use of foam cars and then attack to prevent the resumption of fire, for the success of fighting the fire to provide a strong guarantee.