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Fire Truck New Car To Do The Four Major Focus On Maintenance
- Aug 08, 2017 -

  Fire truck new car to do the four major focus on maintenance

  For the first time the maintenance of the fire truck how to raise, which parts need to focus on "protection" and other things are not clear.To this end, the fire truck manufacturers to introduce some of the new car needs to focus on conservation of the site, you can say that the car maintenance road, From the beginning to buy home.

  One of the key maintenance: car "skin" paint

  Skin is a very important part of our daily maintenance, the same car, the new car paint no aging problem, but from the factory to the transport to the parking lot, car paint has been exposed to the air, by the sand invasion, timely and correct conservation , Can make the car forever youth.

  Conservation method: to the new fire truck "bath" must not sloppy, such as improper cleaning, will damage the outer part of the bright oil, will lead to car skin "bleak" the best use of moderate moderate wash So that some of the dirt can not see the naked eye, like paint, gum and other chemical composition of the pollution, must use a special detergent to wipe a little bit.Finally in the tire, Bumper, round eyebrows and other parts coated with the corresponding protective agent to prevent aging.

  Focus on maintenance of the two: the car's "heart" engine

  When driving a new fire engine, you can keep the engine in the idle state, listen to whether there is a strange sound or vibration.Because the car engine running problem dragged "dead", will accelerate wear, fuel consumption increased, shortened life, Eventually leading to overhaul.

  Maintenance method: the best way to protect the car "heart" is to try to avoid emergency acceleration or deceleration during the new car running, so as to minimize the load on the car engine drive system. Some more serious and careful new owners in the car driving 1000 km , The initiative to send the car to the maintenance and repair, then the maintenance is usually free, but also in time to avoid many potential problems, so do a good job, do not miss.

  Focus on maintenance of the three: the car's "eyes" lights

  Novice driving the most important thing is bright eyes, if your fire "eyes" is not good, not only will affect the driving comfort, Fire truck but also directly related to the safety of driving.Therefore, the timely maintenance of outdoor lighting is essential to the driver The

  Maintenance method: usually before the reminder, the owner is difficult to realize whether the headlamps, taillights, turn lights or parking lights can work properly.First of all, to the direction of the headlamp light calibration, in order to ensure the safety of drivers driving , The headlamps must be able to provide a good forward lighting for the vehicle; secondly, to carefully test other lights, such as turn signals, license plate lights, wide lights, reversing lights and brake lights.

  Focus on the maintenance of the four: car "foot" tires

  The new fire engines need to run, the purpose is to make the body parts to adapt to the environment to adjust the ability to improve the car running the merits of the car life, safety and economy will have an important impact in this process, Fire truck tire maintenance Very important.

  Maintenance methods: fire truck new car running, the tire pressure should be normal, abnormal tire pressure will have a certain adverse effects on the new car, and very dangerous.