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Fire Truck Oil Is The Blood That Keeps The Engine Life
- Jul 01, 2017 -

  Fire Truck oil is the blood that keeps the engine life, it is able to cool, lubricate the engine components. Now, more and more owners understand the importance of oil, but the correct use of oil is poorly understood.

  When the oil is changed

  Many new cars in general driving conditions, if the use of synthetic oil, basically every 10,000 km to replace the oil, and some can even drag on 20,000 km. Fire Truck repair professionals believe that "general driving" refers to the regular driving on the highway, rarely stop and walk. But if often in the city to drive, where there are traffic lights, at every turn on the traffic jam, and the distance of each trip and most of the more than ten kilometers, this driving is "wear driving."

  2. How to choose oil

  Choose a good oil, make the car more durable, more power. Good oil, especially synthetic oil in addition to protecting the engine, reducing the number of oil change, but also save gasoline costs. So, its price is twice as expensive as ordinary oil, is the best choice for many drivers.

  3. Dedicated oil is not necessarily suitable for your car

  Dedicated Fire Truck oil does not necessarily apply to your car. To the fire truck plus oil also need to fire truck according to the driving age and engine conditions and regional circumstances, only a few specifications of the special oil can not meet the variety of vehicle conditions and a variety of regional conditions.