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Fire Truck Suction Pipe Use Requirements
- Oct 16, 2017 -

The suction pipe of the fire truck is a hose for connecting the water inlet of the pump to the open water source or the fire hydrant. It is composed of rubber layer, cloth layer and spiral reinforced steel wire. Suction pipe to the open water when the water can withstand negative pressure, to the fire hydrant water can withstand a certain amount of water pressure, water pipe joints have two interfaces, one is the threaded interface, one is the buckle interface. A total of four water pipes placed in the fire truck on both sides of the pedal.

Fire truck suction pipe use requirements:

1, are not allowed to suction pipe on the ground forced to drag, so as not to wear aluminum interface;

2, the use of the interface must be tightly connected to prevent leakage of water can not absorb water. Open water source, the end of the suction pipe should be installed water filter, and the depth of the water pipe from the water at least 20cm ~ 30cm, in order to prevent the vortex in the water and inhaled into the air. At the same time should avoid the water filter and water surface mud surface contact to prevent inhalation of a large number of mud damage to the pump, water and sediment debris for a long time, the filter should be set on the filter basket.

3, suction pipe laying should be as short as possible. fire truck When using a coil-type suction pipe, the fire truck should be able to put down all the sinks of the suction pipe position is appropriate to avoid the height of the suction pipe bend more than the pump inlet and produce "air bag", affecting water.

4, suction pipe across the road, fire truck the vehicle is strictly prohibited from the above, otherwise the suction pipe will be crushed and can not absorb the water.