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Foam Fire Truck Maintenance Knowledge
- Jul 01, 2017 -

  Foam fire truck maintenance knowledge

  Foam fire engines as fire fighting the main battle vehicles, in the maintenance must be in accordance with national standard GB7956-1998 or industry standard GA39.5-92 requirements of the implementation. Combined with the actual operation of the bubble to run the process of doing a good job maintenance and maintenance is very important. In the daily maintenance, in addition to the conventional car engine, chassis and other parts of the maintenance, the need to do the following maintenance work.

  1. Flush after the bubble operation

  In order to ensure reliable operation of the fire pump, after each use of foam or salt water, rinse the fire pump, drinking water pump, foam ratio mixer is a very important process: the water treatment on both sides of the fire pump outlet, Open the pump outlet, adjust the speed, the maximum pump pressure to 0.5MPa; complete the rinse before, fire truck adjust the pump speed to make the pump running, the use of low-pressure work, open the bubble operation valve; Outlet pressure below 0.2MPa, open the pump water switch, until the exhaust pipe in the water outflow.

  2. Other maintenance precautions

  Regular maintenance of the various parts of the fire truck is very important, mainly: to ensure that the fire engines have enough fuel, lubricants, cooling water, gas, power. And regularly check the circuit, oil and fire system is normal, a variety of instruments, lights, switches, lights are intact; water tank, foam cans filled with standard water and foam liquid; regular (every two days ) Check the engine, take power and transmission system, a daily vacuum test to ensure that the performance of the pump system to meet the standards; a variety of valves and activities should be regularly lubricated, regularly check its flexibility; check the water pump, pump gear box , If the oil level at the power unit is in the calibration position, whether the oil quality meets the standard, such as oil deterioration, fire truck it should be replaced immediately; the vehicle should be cleaned after use, the outer surface with a clean soft cotton yarn or towel dry, Wax, to ensure that the appearance of the vehicle shiny, while the pump room should be kept clean, equipment, neatly placed, keep the garage clean, dry, cold season garage temperature of not less than 10 degrees Celsius.