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Foreign Diplomats In China Visit. Mingguang Haomiao Fire Technology Development Co. LTD.
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Morning of November 8, Jordan ambassador yahya kara, Algeria embassy commercial counsellor reddy, James bias, the uae embassy in China business downgrading amina, bloom's foreign diplomatic envoys, such as, at the invitation of mingguang city sky fire in mingguang city science and technology development co., LTD., has carried on the business trip.

In recent years, mingguang city is captivating fire science and technology development co., LTD., to develop international market, make full use of its own products technical advantage, to go out, please come in, international sales market development has made great progress, preliminary calculation, 2 0 a 3 year year export all kinds of fire fighting vehicle and special vehicle sales of more than 70 million yuan, and with several government departments and customers for product sales reached intent, in cooperation with the relevant company development with the international advanced level of fire-fighting equipment.

The foreign diplomatic envoys to the company's investigation, is another sky company, through the early stage of the operation, the smooth lines, were invited to visit the three envoys ambassadors in vast company on the first floor conference room, listened to the mayor of Luo Shengquan generation show that the city of light about "bright light" survey of speech and captivating, mingguang city fire protection technology development co., LTD is introduced, the theme of the chairman of immense company NiJun speech on the state of the immense company development and operation. Jordan ambassador yahya Carla lai in his speech to chuzhou, mingguang city, express our heartfelt thanks and vast company's warm reception, chuzhou, mingguang and praised the achievements of economic and social development and captivating, the company's products to vast company give full affirmation. He said that China and Arab countries have a long history of exchanges, profound friendship and extensive cooperation. We hope that through this visit, we can find more opportunities for cooperation and realize win-win development.

Ambassadors in the mood to watch the company after the promotion, on-the-spot visit the company's products in the factory shows and performances, the united Arab emirates embassy business officials saw is equipped with Albania and the special vehicle products of the workers to the united Arab emirates (uae) in the sky company training pictures of said very satisfied.

The Chinese ambassador to the Arab republic of Egypt was appointed ambassador to the league of Arab states, and he was accompanied by Mr. Shen ruoxiang, a former diplomat of the state. Chuzhou mayor zhang xiangan and deputy mayor zhang yi met in chuzhou on November 7 and hosted a banquet for diplomatic envoys in China. The director of the provincial foreign affairs office, kuang rongjian, the foreign office director of chuzhou city Yang guanglan, the party secretary xu guangyou, mayor yu chenglin and vice mayor luo shengquan participated in the meeting and visit of the company.