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Ganzhou Miniature Fire Station Enters The Intermodal Linkage 2.0 Era
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Is the key unit to further enhance and community fire control and emergency disposal ability, on July 31, downtown ganzhou team will micro fire station scheduling command platform into battle command center, the city's 1443 micro fire station by unified dispatching command platform. The move marked the beginning of the 2.0 era of the ganzhou detachment of micro fire station.

Ganzhou team relying on fire control safety of intelligent cloud platform, research and development of dispatching command platform, innovation will be key units, community include the miniature fire station, installation of a cloud platform key units in the event of fire, detachment in command center can micro via the cloud platform fire all the players forced to submit the voice call alert and send text messages in real time, at the same time to mobilize district police station, fire units and around the key unit of micro fire station 3 minutes the disposal of the present, for the micro fire station one-click scheduling command, the electronic map intuitive show location information, a screen display unit construction basic situation. At present, the total number of 1 and 2 key units in the city has been integrated into the operational command center, and the access work of the tertiary priority unit and the micro-station of the community is under strain.

In recent years, ganzhou detachment has taken the initiative as the initiative and insisted that the fire work be put in the strategy of revitalizing the development of the Soviet union, and strive to make breakthroughs in the implementation of the fire safety responsibility system. Especially after the "conference" yichang, team to the introduction of the Internet of things technology social fire management, actively explore the fire supervision and regulation of "cloud", independent research and development to promote the intelligent fire safety cloud platform, keep adding perfect innovation module, strongly promote the main responsibility to carry out the social unit and the fire department to promote the efficiency of regulation, to realize the economic social fire management innovation in less developed areas of "overtaking corner" and "mass transfer efficiency".