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Hanjiang Fire Brigade Independent Research And Development Of Remote Control Double - Tube Powder Cannons Patent.
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Recently, the han river in hubei province city fire team of independent research and development of double tube powder gun "remote control" for the national utility model patent, can avoid water of dangerous chemicals is mainly used in fighting fires, improve the ability of chemical disaster accident disposal.

In most cases, water-based fire extinguishing agent cannot safely and effectively dispose of burning under the influence of water or deleterious gas fire, often adopt the method of dry sand or other materials of artificial buried for disposal, fire extinguishing efficiency is low, and there are sand can cause secondary damage after explosion danger; However, the use of dry powder extinguishing agent has high cost, limited reserves, easy to be reignited, and low amount of high pressure nitrogen, which has a great limitation. Hanjiang river team for cement as agent of low cost, easy to access, memory and other features, using cement tanker powder materials such as car as fire extinguishing agent, bulk cement and fly ash as the fire extinguishing agent, equipped with output tube turn interface, fire hose and spray equipment, can be quickly laid ShuZhuan lines, fire fighting and rescue work. Among them, the output pipe of the cement tanker is changed from the soft rubber tube to the hard plastic pipe, and the cement can be sprayed directly into the 100 meters and the head reaches 15 meters. Developed with alloy powder particle gun spraying distance 15 meters (flow rate is about 0.8 tons per minute), remote control two pipe powder gun spraying distance up to 20 meters (flow rate is about 1.5 tons per minute), can quickly form accumulation of effective thickness, smothering effect, has overcome directly with cement tank car fire extinguishing the short line, range near faults, improve the operational effectiveness.

Since the cement tanker independent extinguishing equipment projects, the hubei province fire corps chief Zhang Fu good attaches great importance to, he asked the corps related departments for technical support and logistics, and lead the steering group on research and development test site, with respect to the storage device, the power system, ShuZhuan equipment and injection equipment, such as research and development work guidance is put forward. The han river team chief to testing process research and development work, invite 15 technical experts to participate in research and development, in such aspects as manpower, material resources and financial security support, to ensure the smooth progress of this project.

After 12 months of revision of theoretical research, scheme, equipment innovation, field testing process, such as the cement tanker extinguishing installation project has won the "remote control double tube powder gun" patents, two patents declaration is still under the state intellectual property office of the audit, eight sets of completed products will be Fielding troops.