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Hao Miao Anti-riot Series Export Vehicles Successfully Delivered.
- Jan 26, 2018 -

On November 16, 2013, 11 PM in vast technology firm export vehicles start ceremony, 16 neat rows of riot car in vast square gearing up, they will start from here oceans and delivery of the user. Chuzhou CPPCC, commerce bureau, chuzhou state inspection and quarantine bureau, mingguang municipal government, mingguang municipal committee of the people's political consultative conference, municipal industrial park, municipal government committee and municipal public security bureau, participated in the launching ceremony.

This batch of export riot vehicles for vortex spray a riot police vehicle, riot wall remote control, riot, water sports, water sports integrated vortex spray in my company, remote control, such as patent technology, by our company according to customer demand for counter-terrorism riot, disposal of emergency independent research and development of nonlethal drive equipment. In order to make customers better master and use of the products, our company since October last year points three batches for user technical dozens of technical personnel training, product quality, performance and got good favorable comment of customer technical support.

The total number of these orders is 20, which is a one-off purchase of special vehicles in a middle eastern country with a total value of nearly 50 million RMB. Early delivered four vehicles, the one-off delivery the rest of the car, 16, has drawn great attention of the department in charge of municipal party committee municipal government and relevant leaders attend in person, encourage enterprises to make persistent efforts, for light and even chuzhou export-oriented economy makes a bigger contribution.