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Haomiao Company Organizes The Staff To Visit The Yellow Mountain Three Days
- Dec 28, 2017 -

To broaden the horizons, enrich the spare life of employees, fully arouse the enthusiasm of employees, increase employee hero spirit and collective sense of honor, captivating company on July 3 solstice 5, organize the staff annual tourist activities. 3 in the morning, five, ten tourist bus, with nearly five hundred employees and their families from the vast square, towards the world cultural and natural heritage, world geological park three world crown in huangshan.

3, at midday, taiping lake, easy to recover after a meal in the afternoon arrived in world cultural heritage XiDi village, employees braved the rain cheerfully visited has been gloriously enrolled architectural experience the culture of huizhou merchants.

4 early in the morning, the staff team in batches from the north to take cable car huangshan, huangshan from purple xia feng began to walk, walk along the mountain path row YunTing, klippe, noon to top light, from the foot of lotus peak, the edge of the rim aojiang fish back through the sight, until the jade screen peak where pinus taiwanensis, midafternoon, return the jade screen peak ropeway 400 meters down the mountain.

On the morning of the 5th day, I would like to go to the village of tunxi, where I would like to go to the old street and visit the huizhou culture of Lao jie. After lunch, I visited xijian gorge and returned.

Lasted three days of collective tourism activities, make the employees by the grandeur of the nature and culture, to enhance the literacy, stimulate the enthusiasm, at the same time also to temper the staff self-discipline, mutual, shows the vast staff solidarity lively, helping and love each other, take good care of the spiritual. The organization is rigorous, safe and smooth, and has achieved very satisfactory results. Employees have expressed their desire to devote more and more enthusiasm to the work.