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Haomiao Fire Department Held The Opening Ceremony Of The School And The Founding Meeting Of The Enterprise Wenlian.
- Jan 29, 2018 -

On August 17, haomiao fire science and technology development co., LTD. Held the opening ceremony of the new school of hui merchants and the founding conference of the enterprise. Haomiao is the first company to set up a literary association in the urban districts of chuzhou.

Chuzhou wenlian chairman lu chuan xin, our city leader Yang wenping, wang yunshan, former CPPCC vice chairman fu shougan, the municipal party propaganda department, city wenlian and the park part of the business leaders to express congratulations. The responsible person and the above management personnel of haomiao fire technology development co., LTD attended the meeting.

In order to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture in the company, the establishment of huo miao huishang college is a code of ethics for employees of filial piety, benevolence, loyalty and sincerity. "Hearts into it, and carry forward the spirit of huizhou merchants, connector with the letter" of the concept of huizhou merchants, the Chinese hui, the good faith is supreme, science and technology innovation, keep walking as a business philosophy, the company's efforts to put the Oriental traditional ideas and modern western management thoughts, to explore the road to a modern enterprise management. As the national science, huishang spirit, enterprise management education training place and the staff skill training institution.

The head of the city wenlian introduced the purpose and task of the enterprise wenlian, and read out the establishment approval.

The secretary of the communist party group of chuzhou city and the chairman of wenlian road have congratulated on the establishment of the enterprise wenlian and raised hopes and demands.

Municipal committee, publicity minister wen-ping Yang in his speech, hope vast companies through the establishment of the institute and hui hui countries enterprise federation further promote the vast corporate culture construction and development, the vast old-age and stronger the corporate culture, the enterprise culture into the power of enterprise development, progress, innovation, enterprising, internalize culture in mind, externalized in line, push forward enterprise; With the establishment of the national college and the enterprise literature association, the company found that more cultural talents were cultivated. Wen-ping Yang at the same time hope to attend with immense company continuously strengthen enterprise culture construction, through various channels and ways to drive other enterprises to strengthen the construction of culture, driving the development of enterprises, in order to achieve good bright light dream and work together.

The director of haomiao fire science and technology development co., LTD issued the appointment certificate for the leading members of huishang college.