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Haomiao Technology Company Successfully Passed The National 3C Certification Annual Supervision And Verification.
- Jan 29, 2018 -

National fire-fighting equipment quality supervision and inspection center by the ministry of public security and the ministry of ministries hold people 3 c inspection group of mingguang city recently vast fire protection technology development co., LTD for 3 c annual surveillance audit.

Team carefully looked at the company's software and hardware, the company over the past 35 models to declare product consistency check carefully, also at the high temperature field inspection company performance experiment device and other kinds of water production, testing equipment, equipped with situation.

Through inspection, the inspection team believes that 10 elements of the enterprise management system are relatively perfect, and some even exceed the standard requirements. Process documentation and operating procedures are not out of control. The use of the logo is complete, the use of the record is clear, and the pressure is better than similar enterprises. The equipment is equipped with high equipment, which is suitable for the control of metering management. The 35 units that have been certified are consistent. The newly declared 300,000 cubic meters of smoke trucks and jianghuai water tank foam fire engine certification units are all confirmed. The certification conclusion is adopted.

The inspection team also indicated the company's problems in quality record and supplier evaluation, and demanded to strengthen the rectification.