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Haomiao Technology Is Committed To Creating A Strong Brand Of Industrial Fire Fighting - Hanover International Fire Exhibition
- Dec 29, 2017 -

Haomiao technology is committed to building a strong brand of industrial fire protection

INTERSCHUTZ2015 hannover international fire and emergency equipment exhibition

On June 13, 2015, INTERSCHUTZ, a five-year international fire and emergency equipment exhibition, came to a close. As rescue services, fire prevention and mitigation, safety and security of international flagship exhibition, which for security experts, director of security and safety engineers, provides the first-class information channels, is also the ideal display platform security and safety equipment suppliers. Captivating, science and technology (stock code: 831856) invited to the exhibition, shows the fire more than tailor-made for industry equipment and complete sets of solutions, to consolidate the existing cooperation relations, also have unearthed a large number of potential customers, to develop the international market, to achieve vast company international laid a solid foundation.

The exhibition has never been bigger, with more than 1,500 fire safety enterprises participating in the exhibition, with over 150,000 spectators coming to the exhibition, with five oversized indoor exhibition halls and over 5000m squared outdoor display sites. The development of fire fighting equipment is changing rapidly, the market competition form is fierce and many emerging groups rise quietly. How to combine the customer requirements, improve the quality of equipment, better service to the specific needs of a particular user, dominate the market competition of the smell of smoke, take advantage, is every fire truck manufacturers must go deep thought.

Knowing the current situation of industrial fire fighting market, with the unique technology of "three-phase jet" and multi-industry fire fighting equipment, haomiao technology has gained a lot of success in this exhibition. From Europe, the Middle East, India, Russia's underwriters said would become a vast technology and a number of local service providers and distributors, chairman Mr NiJun also was invited to go to airport in Italy chassis suppliers for visits.

In addition, captivating, the more new product of science and technology, has also attracted the numerous exhibition of stop asking, and staff with full enthusiasm all the time, patience and communication exhibition, exhibition of professional visitors and exhibitors had certain understanding of the product, and show strong cooperation intention. Sky technology of true fire training business more recognised by the industry leader in the exhibition, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with vast science and technology, for the vast science and technology to carry out the business to lay a solid foundation.

As the only company in China, haomiao technology has demonstrated its unique and unique technology and has been recognized by its domestic peers and institutions. The chairman, ni jun, said: "through this exhibition, we have shown ourselves, but we still need to keep working hard to keep innovating and moving forward on the road to building high-quality firefighting equipment."