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How About The Fire Truck This Summer?
- Aug 08, 2017 -

  How about the fire truck this summer?

  Summer hot weather, high temperatures, is not conducive to the normal operation of the locomotive and the driver's health. fire truck In order to ensure traffic safety, the driver should pay attention to the following ten defense:

  A body overheating: high ambient temperature in summer, the engine is easy to overheat. Therefore, the summer should strengthen the engine cooling system inspection, maintenance, timely removal of water tanks, water sets in the scale and the radiator chip embedded debris; carefully check the thermostat, water pump, fan performance, damage should be timely Repair, while paying attention to adjust the tension of the fan belt; timely filling the cooling water. When the water temperature exceeds 100 ℃, fire truck should be cool in the shade parking, so that the engine idling operation, and opened the hood to facilitate heat. When the tank boil, the engine overheating, do not turn off the engine (except motor drive fan), nor to pour cold water to the engine to prevent the body burst.

  Two anti-fuel oil resistance: the higher the temperature, fuel (especially gasoline) evaporate faster, the more easily formed in the oil resistance. Therefore, the summer should be promptly cleaned fuel filter to ensure that the oil flow; traffic will be covered with a damp cloth on the fuel pump, and regular water to keep moist, reduce the generation of air resistance. Once the fuel system produces air resistance, should immediately stop cooling, and pull the hand pump to fill the oil in the oil.

  Three anti-battery water loss: high temperature in summer, the battery electrolyte in the evaporation of water fast, liquid surface down fast, and even exposed to the liquid level plate, resulting in battery damage and early damage. Therefore, the summer should always check the liquid level inside the battery, fire truck and timely add distilled water to ensure that the normal liquid level (usually 1015mm) and electrolyte density (summer is generally 1.24), to ensure that the battery is in good working condition.

  Four anti-brake failure: brake fluid in high temperature environment, easy evaporation and vaporization, in the brake pipe in the formation of air resistance, brake shoe is also easy to ablate, resulting in brake failure. Therefore, the summer should be promptly check the adjustment of the braking system, the timely addition or replacement of brake fluid, thoroughly drain the hydraulic brake system in the air, and to ensure that the brake cups, brake hoses and brake shoes, If you find the brake pedal soft, should be timely cooling; under the long slope should pay attention to parking brake, to ensure good braking performance; fire truck if the brake hub hot, should stop cooling, but not pour cold water to prevent Brake hub rupture.

  Five anti-tread burst: summer motorcycle tire pressure will rise with the temperature rise, prone to puncture accident. Therefore, before leaving the car should be appropriate to reduce tire pressure. If the car tire temperature is too high, the car should be stopped in the shade in time to rest, do not use cold water cooling method, or easy to tricate the tires; also do not use the method of deflation cooling, or tire temperature Tire pressure will continue to rise.

  Six anti-lubrication bad: high temperature, the oil viscosity decreased, poor oxidation resistance, resulting in poor lubrication. Therefore, the summer should be promptly used for high-grade oil (such as ECA40), often check the oil quality, and timely addition or replacement; timely cleaning and maintenance of oil filter, fire truck oil radiator, to ensure smooth oil, heat and try to avoid The engine is overloaded.

  Seven high heat heat stroke: summer sunshine strong, high temperature, the driver sweat more energy consumption, prone to heat stroke. In order to prevent heat stroke, the driver in the car before and on the way should avoid eating spicy greasy food, eat more fresh vegetables, drink more soft drinks, and pay attention to add salt. To carry a kettle and towels, and equipped with Dan, ten drops of water and other heatstroke drugs; keep the cab well ventilated, the way to pay attention to rest.

  Eight anti-engine deflagration: the engine due to overheating and deflagration, will increase the upper part of the cylinder wear and tear 35 times. Therefore, before entering the summer before the combustion chamber, fire truck the first part of the valve for a thorough removal of carbon deposition, so as to maintain a good heat and the normal compression ratio. Adjust the ignition timing time, appropriate to reduce the ignition advance angle. Adjust the carburetor main oil needle, so that the mixture slightly thin, to prevent the occurrence of deflagration.

  Nine anti-fatigue sleep sleep: summer temperatures are high, the driver lack of sleep, driving fatigue tired to sleep. Therefore, before leaving the car should pay attention to rest, to ensure adequate sleep, try to use morning and evening time driving, to avoid the habit of sleep time driving. When the car feel tired, yawn, hand, foot and other fatigue signs, should immediately stop the rest, or cold water shower head and face, activities, limbs, to be energy recovery, wake up and then driving.

  Ten dangerous on the road: in hot weather, the road more dust, adhesion coefficient decreased, asphalt asphalt pavement in the sun under the softening. Braking, the surface of the asphalt stick on the wheel was lifted, reducing the braking performance. The driver should be careful to drive. Night should also pay attention to the roadside, the bridge desolate sleeping staff, to prevent collision. Do not use the brakes easily to prevent skidding; do not touch the stacked crops and utensils, guard against the rest of the time; fire truck and pay attention to the prevention of people from the pile of crops suddenly stacked Cross the road; through the parking should also check the car oil, exhaust pipe is wrapped around the crop.