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How Is The Fire Truck System Maintained?
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Many users of fire trucks lack the maintenance of fire trucks, which reduces the efficiency of fire trucks. During the use of fire trucks, due to various operating conditions such as friction, vibration, shock and natural conditions, various parts and parts may have different degrees of looseness, deformation, wear, corrosion and damage. As the mileage increases, the vehicle condition gradually deteriorates, and the failure rate increases, which will lead to a decrease in power, economy, and safety reliability, and even unexpected mechanical accidents or traffic accidents. Therefore, daily fire truck maintenance work There is no time to delay. Fire truck manufacturers introduce you;

    1, equipment box inspection and maintenance

 The equipment box is mainly used for storing fire-fighting and rescue equipment. It is the most common and most overlooked place. The quality of the equipment box will affect the service life of the equipment. Use rubber or other soft materials to isolate or protect the place where the equipment is rubbed. Secondly, always check whether there is water in the equipment box, whether the fixing bracket is stable, whether the curtain door is open and closed, whether it is deformed or damaged, whether there is oil shortage in the oil tank at the door, etc., if necessary, grease is added. protection.

    2. Inspection and maintenance of fire pump

   The fire pump is the "heart" part of the fire truck. The maintenance of fire pumps directly affects the effectiveness of fire fighting operations. Therefore, in the process of inspecting and maintaining the fire pump, it should be carefully and carefully found that the fault should be eliminated in time. Generally, the fire pump should be filled with grease once every 3 to 6 hours of operation. It is necessary to regularly test the main technical parameters such as the maximum water absorption depth, water diversion time and maximum flow of the fire pump. If there is a large difference from the normal performance, it should be checked and eliminated. In the inspection and maintenance, we should pay attention to the following conditions: if using unclean water source, the pump, water tank and pipeline should be cleaned; after using the foam, the pump should be cleaned in time, the foam proportioner and each connecting pipeline should be cleaned; Pipeline memory water; water ring pump diversion tank, scraper pump storage tank, water tank, foam tank reserves must be filled; check the water cannon or foam gun ball valve base, cleaning the active part of the coating force butter to lubricate; The oil in the pump and gearbox should be inspected in time. If the oil deteriorates (the oil becomes milky white) or is missing, it should be replaced or replenished in time. Maintenance of fire truck fire pump can refer to: only matters and maintenance during the use of water tank fire truck fire pump.

    3. Inspection and maintenance of fire truck cans

  Because the fire-fighting tank can be fully loaded with fire-extinguishing agent for a long time, the immersion of the fire-extinguishing agent has certain corrosion to the tank. Especially for some fire trucks with long service, if it can not be inspected and maintained in time, the rust point will expand or even rust. The canister, the rust residue that falls off will be flushed into the water pump when the fire truck is out of water, and the impeller will not work properly due to damage to the impeller. In particular, the foam tank of the foam fire truck is highly corrosive due to the corrosion of the foam. If it is not regularly inspected and maintained, not only the tank can be easily rusted, but also the pipeline is blocked, the foam cannot be transported normally, and the fire rescue operation fails. Therefore, fire truck cans should be regularly inspected. Once rust is found, effective measures should be taken to prevent rust spots from expanding. The common treatment method is to clean the rusted parts, dry them and apply epoxy resin paint or repair welding. The valves and pipelines of other parts related to the tank should also be inspected and cleaned regularly, and the problems should be dealt with accordingly.

    4, car condition inspection and maintenance

 The main contents of the vehicle condition check are: whether the bolts on the transmission, the transmission, the transmission shaft, the universal joint, the reducer, the differential, the half shaft and other components are loose and damaged, and the oil is lacking; the brake pedal is braked. Flexibility, working condition of air compressor, whether the air cylinder is intact, whether the brake valve is flexible, the wear of the brake pads of the wheel; whether the steering machine works normally and the working conditions of important components such as lights, wipers and brake indicators. The faults to be checked should be eliminated in time. If the clutch is not separated, the drive shaft, universal joint, reducer, differential, half shaft bolts should be repaired and tightened in time, and the oil should be tightened and lubricated in case of lack of oil.

    5, power take-off, drive shaft inspection and maintenance

   Whether the power take-off and the pump drive shaft are easy to use is the key to whether the fire truck can absorb water and water. It is necessary to regularly check whether the power take-off operation is normal, whether there is abnormal noise, whether the gear and the separation are smooth, whether there is automatic gear release, and if necessary, check and maintain it. To check whether the pump drive shaft has abnormal noise, whether the fastening parts are loose or missing, whether the transmission shaft is ten bytes and whether the bearing needs to be filled with grease, if necessary, tighten the bolt and add grease.

    6, inspection and maintenance of electrical appliances and meters

  Appropriate fuses should be selected for the vehicle electrical circuit to avoid damage to the original electrical components. The police lights and alarm systems should be checked regularly for proper operation. If there is any abnormality, the fault should be eliminated in time. The inspection of the electrical equipment of the water system and the lighting system includes: equipment box lights, pump room lights, solenoid valves, liquid level indicators and digital tachometers, as well as various tables, switches and other working conditions.

    The maintenance work of the fire truck can not be ignored. As the saying goes, "to raise a soldier for a thousand days, use the soldiers for a while", only routine maintenance of fire vehicles on a case-by-case basis, correct operation and reasonable use of fire-fighting vehicles and various fire-fighting equipment and equipment can be used. Ensure the successful completion of fire fighting and rescue missions.