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How To Operate A Fire Truck
- Jun 17, 2017 -

  How to operate a Fire Truck

  With the improvement of fire safety awareness, many shopping malls, businesses, communities, schools are buying Fire Trucks to prevent fire. As the user of the initial purchase of Fire Trucks, the use of Fire Trucks is not very familiar with, especially in operation, it is easy to cause the water does not come up, the fire can not hit the water problem. For the user's problem, we will explain the operation of the fire truck in detail.

  1, through the fire hydrant to the fire truck tank body water.

  This is the easiest way to water the fire truck, just a fire hose, link fire hydrant and fire truck outside the water injection nozzle, open the fire hydrant, the water into the tank.

  2, through the fire pump self-absorption to the fire truck body water.

  Step 1: Connect the suction pipe to the fire pump inlet as shown. (Pay attention to the connection when the check is connected, so as not to lead to leakage of water can not absorb)

  Step 2: Close the position of the pump inlet valve and open the position of the inlet valve.

  The third step: put on the power take. Take the switch off the sub-oil brake and steam brake, (pay attention to the time when the first force off the clutch to open the switch, slowly loose clutch)

  The fourth step: open the vacuum pump position, while opening the vacuum pump exhaust valve position and observe the vacuum pump readings, the general vacuum to reach 0.02 who can enter the tank, when the vacuum expression of 0.02 or more readings do not fall when the vacuum pump off The position of the 4 in the valve diagram closes the position of the vacuum pump diagram 5. (If the vacuum table does not move, it is proved that there is a place where the leak is not connected, and then carefully check the place to find leak)

  Step 5: After the water is full, remove the take-off device, close the position of the water inlet valve 3, open the fire pump sewage valve Figure 7 position of the vacuum, remove the suction pipe, cover the lid.

  3, through the fire pump to the tank of water to play

  The first step: open the fire pump inlet valve position, close the position of the inlet valve. Other valves are closed.

  Step 2: hang the power take.

  The third step: open the need to outlet the valve, increase the throttle water pressure.

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