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How To Operate The Four-wheel Positioning Of Fire Truck?
- Mar 18, 2018 -

Four-wheel positioning is to use the suspension system to ensure that the body, wheel and ground have a certain mutual position relation. Generally when doing four-wheel positioning, will ask wheel installed in the body or hubei jiangnan according to certain Angle fire chassis, this can not only drive easily but also prevent premature fire truck tyre wear. Four-wheel positioning is diagnosed by a four-wheel locator equipped with a computer, which is adjusted by professional maintenance personnel.

Four-wheel positioning of the fire, can better guarantee the driver easy control direction, convenient driving, make the fire straight or turn the steering wheel turning, natural recovery after turning the straight line moving state. The time for four-wheel positioning or detection is recommended as follows:

1. The fire cannot be measured by how long drive to examine the four-wheel positioning, because he wasn't work every day, may reach thousands of kilometers mileage for it a few years, so the general fire truck after one year overhaul is to be a certain four-wheel alignment check.

2. In addition, if the steering wheel is not correct, it needs to be checked.

3. The steering wheel vibrates, trembles or is too heavy in the driving, and cannot be returned automatically when steering, which is not convenient for inspection.

4. The fire engine is in a snake shape or left and right deviation, and the body is bumpy and so on.

5. The tire is single, irregular, lumpy or feathered, and should be checked when the tire is adjusted.

6. It is also necessary to check after installing new tires.

7. After the manufacturer of the fire truck reloads or turns to the relevant accessories.

8. If you have to check the mileage in a certain number of miles, you will need to make a positioning (especially a new car) when the fire engine is running around 2000 kilometers.