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Huhhot City Promotes The Construction Of Smart Fire Fighting
- Feb 08, 2018 -

In 2018, according to the Hohhot public security fire control team Hohhot public security fire control team will focus on promoting eight key areas of modularity, 12 procedures of the early stage of the city fire station, fire station construction and fire engines and 12441 woolly fire fighting equipment purchase, "fire" wisdom, 450 government full-time firefighters, fire brigade and the township government, the important content of building materials such as fire laboratory power Hohhot fire control work and team construction to a new level.

Wang yingwei, deputy head of the public security fire brigade of Hohhot city, said that huhhot city public security fire brigade will promote the construction of information platform and continuously clean up the public fire safety environment of the city. We will speed up the application of "smart fire protection" and integrate smart fire into the construction of smart cities. We will complete the construction of the actual combat command platform, the urban iot fire monitoring system, the intelligent fire warning system for high-rise residential buildings, and the construction of the "smart" social fire safety management system.