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In 2017, Five Fire Engines On Flow Chart
- Mar 07, 2017 -

In 2017, five-vehicle process: the first step, take on the whole vehicle quality certificate and chassis quality certificate, invoice, to local environmental protection departments environmental corresponds to the whole vehicle quality certificate engine information, confirm environmental protection notice after receiving environmental protection certification;

The second step, environmental certification, vehicle certification, on invoices, purchase of insurance and taxes;

Third, environmental certification, vehicle certification on vehicle testing line weighing, check brakes, check lights;

The fourth step, inspection reports, certificates, green certificates, copies of invoices, insurance, taxes, traffic police car appearance, car size, car size, wheelbase;

The fifth step, the inspection report signed by the traffic police selected number, driving license and certificate of registration;

The sixth step, copy of the certificate, driving license, registration certificate to the local transport oil bulletin corresponding to query, certification for operation. Special Note: on environmental protection Bulletin will be the first step!