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In A Short Time, The Company Insists On The Development Of The Education Smart Training Module For Primary And Secondary School Students
- Dec 28, 2017 -

"Peace to the future, parents heart! Quality xing huaxia, safe win the future!" This is a sentence written by the founder of haomiao company, Mr. Ni shih and Mr. Lao, at the end of the training module.

The 80 - year - old NiShiHe old man heart is social, heart is the safety of primary and middle school students quality education, in order to make the students can learn more about all kinds of safety knowledge, master the deal with all kinds of danger occurs protective measures and methods of minimizing risk losses, thus improve the primary and middle school students' emergency actions, self-help and strain capacity. NiShiHe old man his ideas and organize vast company research and development team from the project, design to completion, only 50 days of the time, completes the safety quality education of primary and middle school students intelligence XunLianCang "XiaoQin smooth".

The education smart training module is a mobile classroom for the safety quality of primary and secondary students, which is a microcosm of the training of education of filial piety culture and patriotism. It integrates the family safety education, school education, social security, education, education of traffic safety, food hygiene and natural disaster risk aversion, etc, including how to hedge in natural disasters, how to fire the fire in the fire, smoke, how to escape, how to realize the self in the traffic safety protection and so on, in short to preach, interactive games, knowledge query, human-computer interaction, experience. Learn safety emergency knowledge in happy and joyful learning atmosphere and master the skills of emergency disposal.

Intelligent XunLianCang safety quality education of primary and middle school students of the school paper safety education into dynamic visualizations education, students hands-on, effectively promote students' learning with the knowledge and support skills, through the primary and middle school students in the school after system integrated emergency safety evacuation drill, further enhance the safety awareness of the primary and middle school students and emergency disposal ability.

The project is a scientific and technological innovation project, which fills the blank of the systematic education of the safety quality of primary and middle school students, and is the first in China.