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Innovation Breakthrough In The Fire Management Mode Of Jiangsu City
- Feb 08, 2018 -

In recent years, relying on "wisdom city" construction, the public security fire control system, we will speed up the establishment of a "fire" wisdom, continuous upgrading of the technological content of fire extinguishing, let the city plan to "burn".

On December 6, 2017, xuzhou city, jiangsu province public security fire control team command center received an alert, show xuzhou city hongxing a nursing home electric equipment circuit temperature suddenly increases, more than the relief valve. The personnel on duty immediately directed the fire fighters to the scene to check, and found that there was a leakage of electricity in a room of the nursing home due to improper use of electrical equipment, and the firefighters immediately stopped it.

The reporter at hongxing nursing home sees, the distribution room, branch box, power supply terminal and so on installed data collection module. Throughout this module to prevent electric fire all the important node, contain leakage module, temperature module, power supply module, emergency power supply module, communication management module, to the user through the Internet of things technology of electrical equipment, such as temperature, humidity, residual current, smoke based data acquisition. The terminal data is transmitted to the cloud platform through 4G, GPRS and wired network, and then the local maintenance management system is displayed.

Since 2017, the xuzhou city public security fire control team will fire risk assessment and big data combination of information technology, the development and application of the electrical fire network monitoring platform, greatly improving the electrical fire intelligent control capacity. "Before, the electrical fire hazards MoPai rectification, depend entirely on the manpower, time-consuming inefficient, now this platform for electrical fire hazards" source ", implement the digital precision MoPai, monitor the whole process." Jiangsu xuzhou city public security fire brigade branch leader liang jun said.

According to introducing, the early stage of the acquisition data, after the completion of the platform will be to intelligent comprehensive analysis of the data, if the user exists leakage fault, over-current failure of class, overtemperature, platform will make a comprehensive plan as a whole, combining the international advanced algorithm with the user portrait technology for each user fault hierarchy evaluation.

In addition, according to user power index, the comprehensive judgment of electrical fire monitoring platform can happen aura, and nursing homes, schools and other personnel intensive place for fire warning, the implementation of automatic power active intervention. The monitoring platform will also early warning information via text message, web pages, such as micro letter form send the fire department, management responsibility, remind screening for safety hidden trouble, and requires real-time feedback correction to the platform.

So far, the monitoring platform was in xuzhou, jiangsu province civil affairs, health, education and other industries, 227 units installed, found and disposal of electrical fire hazards of more than 7800, six cases of effectively prevent electrical fires, by monitoring unit electrical fire accident did not happen.

Zhenjiang in jiangsu province country garden phoenix village, now has 175 buildings under construction and has build high-rise buildings, is expected to stay in a population of 200000, it brought many challenges to fire safety: a tall building is numerous, the researchers gathered, high fire risk, fire fighting and rescue work is difficult; Second, the level of property management is uneven, and the completion rate of building fire service facilities is not high; Third, the police force is limited, the daily fire safety supervision is difficult to cover.

"With the development of the city, more and more modern community actively explore the wisdom of household path, among them, using the Internet advanced technology such as large data cracking fire problem has also been incorporated in the intelligence community in the overall plan." Jiangsu zhenjiang city public security fire brigade support team leader dou liyuan said.

On the large screen of the fire control center in phoenix area, it is clear that the water level of the fire pool is normal, whether there is water in the outdoor fire hydrant and whether the fire protection facilities are malfunctioning. By means of gathering in the tens of thousands of only inside the sensor, the community fire control center attendants had "clairvoyance" and "clairaudient", intelligent fire monitoring system for analyzing 24-hour community fire early warning and real-time distributed processing, to ensure that the community fire control to realize "one-click" scheduling.

"With the new generation of information technology, such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and geographical information, the fire management mode of the city has achieved innovative breakthroughs. It is believed that with the continuous development of smart city, jiangsu mode will be promoted nationwide.