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Invention Patent For Rotary Hose Cleaner
- Jan 05, 2018 -


Luo jiagui, the equipment technician of longyan fire brigade in fujian province, has been awarded the national invention patent recently.

In fire forces, cleaning hose usually adopt the method of manual scrub, not only time-consuming, laborious cleaning effect is poorer, and compare the cost of water, the water shortage area or in the cold, hot weather, cleaning is very difficult. "Can you use a cleaning device to achieve better cleaning and save, protect and liberate people?" Luo Jia keisuke combined with years of research experience of fire-fighting equipment, extensively solicit opinion suggestion, idea invented direction, after 2 months of painstaking research, finally invented the most practical "drum water cleaner," well solves the actual problem.

According to the inventor, in the field of water cleaning equipment, all hose "flat" in the state of washing method, not only on both sides of the hose can't clean, and in the process of fire extinguishing, the hose expansion conditions in contact with the clay sand, once the water supply pressure, braid with dirt cleaning extremely hard, and "drum water cleaner" is the hose into the gas in the expansion of state under the clean, this method can make the braided hose layer is in a state, can thoroughly clean the hose in all directions, cleaning effect is good, save time and effort, and can recycle the rinse water recycling, water saving.

Roller type water belt cleaning machine consists of power mechanism, conveying mechanism, washing mechanism, spraying mechanism and recycling mechanism. In the "heart" part of the device, a "roller type" cleaning mechanism is formed with the washing part and spray parts. Operation, by using hose inflatable air respirator cylinders will be flat enrichment, the expansion of the form a "column", at this time the dirt on the hose fully exposed, and then the hose "column" by transmission mechanism inside the drum shaft, the motor drives the hose adopts "the axial and circumferential" cleaning method, realize reciprocating washing movement, through rapid friction, flushing, purge, etc., to complete the full range of hose cleaning action.

After the new equipment was put into use, it was favored by the officers and soldiers. "The work of the previous three people can be completed in an hour, not only in a fast and fast way, but also in cleaning and saving a lot of water." Longyan branch special duty squadron commander zhao honggang said.