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Li Lin, A Representative Of The Shaanxi Provincial People's Congress: Relying On Big Data To Build Smart Fire Fighting.
- Feb 08, 2018 -

There are more and more high-rise buildings, how should the fire be rescued? Management personnel is limited, how to discover, eliminate, rectify fire danger in time? Deputies, xi 'an public security fire control team division marshal lilin advice, relying on big data construction city fire "wisdom", achieve rapid accurate rescue, in the shortest possible time to take the "infernal" throat.

High-rise buildings

The fire safety problem is becoming more and more serious.

Lilin said, with the rapid development of urban construction in our province, high-level, high-rise building (building over 100 meters) high and large commercial complex is increasing, the rising of urban fire control safety risk, building fire safety problem more and more prominent.

Xi 'an, for example, occupies more than half of the province's high-rise buildings and accounts for 80% of the province's high-rise buildings and commercial complexes. Debt too much at the same time, the fire safety management, fire safety supervision and administration department staff number is limited, is unable to fully carry out fire control safety inspection work, lead to fire safety management is not perfect at present stage, such as the key unit of fire safety fire protection supervision and management difficulty is big, tall building fire safety management requirements, some units on fire control safety management level is low.

In addition, the social unit construction fire protection facilities, the operation rate is low, the public fire safety awareness is weak, the self-protection ability is poor. Public security fire department for lack of effective and comprehensive urban fire safety regulation, and the technology support and social means immediacy, cannot be found in time, eliminate, rectification fire hazards, in daily fire supervision and management, the inadequate and the problem of insufficient technology also is very outstanding.

Use the city "smart fire"

Resolve current conflicts

The arduous and heavy fire prevention and control task, and the contradiction between the limited fire police force increasingly prominent, urgently needs to use the modern information technology to promote the social fire control transformation and upgrading.

"While building a smart city, the city 'smart fire' should follow." Li Lin said that the essence of smart city lies in the high integration of informatization, high efficiency and urbanization, which is the manifestation of the development of urban informatization to a higher stage.

isdom city "fire", is the use of the Internet of things and auxiliary decision-making, simulation exercises, the latest technology such as 3 d modeling, cooperate with big data cloud computing platform, and to intelligent fire alarm and other professional application, make the whole city fire protection system "sensitive" smart, wisdom base, fire information service of the digital city is perception, connectivity, wisdom wisdom city an important part of the application architecture.

Use the fireeye model.

Forecast construction fire risk.

Li told reporters that compared with the existing model, the advantages of "smart fire protection" are reflected in accurate early warning, big data network monitoring and other aspects.

"Intelligent fire control system can not only predict the early warning of fire risk, and can accurately control, use of network monitoring, implementation units on fire control safety risk data sharing and real-time control pass forward; Using the digital map technology to quickly find the weak link of fire fighting, and to predict the fire risk with the fire eye model; According to the analysis of telecom data, the "three in one" place is pre-judged; With the help of water and electrical data analysis, it is expected that the people will gather in the village of the population and rent houses and other fire places, so as to strangle the throat of the "fire monster".

Lilin advice to "fire" wisdom into the wisdom city construction platform, based on a large data platform, data exchange, resource sharing, and traffic, road, gas emergency linkage at the same time, establish a fire fighting and rescue operation command platform, building digital plan system, improve the whole process, all elements of operational command system, make fire police configuration more scientific and intelligent.