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Longyan Fire Protection: To Create A Bottleneck In The Work.
- Feb 15, 2018 -


The equipment technician, rojigui, is a celebrity "inventor" in the fire brigade.

Last weekend, in longyan fire brigade, equipment technician luo jiangui was discussing with his comrades the use of "drum type hose cleaner". "it is very convenient to clean the water belt." He was delighted to hear that his new equipment had brought convenience to his comrades. Not so long ago, he developed the "drum type hose washer" and obtained the national invention patent.

In the fire brigade, the method of cleaning the hose is usually done by hand, which is time-consuming and wasteful. In a water shortage area or in a cold, hot weather, manual cleaning will increase the difficulty and effect of cleaning.

"Can the cleaning effect be maximized through a cleaning device, saving, protecting and liberating the manpower?" With more than ten years of research experience in fire fighting equipment, luo jiagui has widely collected opinions and Suggestions. After two months of research, he has finally developed a practical "drum type hose cleaner".

According to Luo Jia kei is introduced, in the field of water cleaning equipment, fire units across the country are in the condition of water "flat" cleaning method, not only on both sides of the hose can't clean, and in the process of fire, in the expansion of the state of the water comes into contact with the soil sand, once the water supply pressure, braid with dirt is extremely difficult to clean. And "drum hose washer" is to inject gas hose, make its expansion in the state of cleaning, this method can make the braided hose layer in a state, the cleaning effect is good, save time and effort, can also recycle water rinse.

After the new equipment is put into use, it is favored by the officers and soldiers. "The work of the last three people was half a day, and now one person can finish it in an hour." Longyan fire brigade special duty squadron commander zhao honggang said.

With the practice of equipment innovation, longyan fire brigade has achieved fruitful results in recent years. Nearly three years, longyan city fire team a total of 18 inventions won the national intellectual property patents, including two national invention patents, two inventions won the first national public security fire control forces respectively equipment facilities technology innovation activities second prize, third prize; One person enjoys the excellent professional and technical talent reward allowance (first class) of the ministry of public security, one person is outstanding in the research and development, and he stands for "personal second class work".

Arouse the initiative and creativity, of grassroots officers and soldiers to extend invention to the actual work, to break the bottleneck in development, is equipped in longyan city fire detachment in nearly three years of technical innovation is a significant characteristic. Team to develop a series of new measures for the competition, evaluation, motivation, in view of the few high level talented person, innovation, technology at low levels in the face of the present situation, has invested 1.6 million yuan to update fire-fighting equipment, attaches great importance to the talent training equipment technology, vigorously carry out fire fighting and rescue equipment innovation little invention creation of "small" activities, through the design, manufacture, sample, test technology, improved and forces the trial procedure, equipment technical innovation fruits. Among them, the team Gao Qiong sun fire marshal, 9 engineers, team headquarters ShiLianXing magnitude 8 engineers and team level 3 long corporal, equipment technicians Luo Jia keisuke invented a kind of independent research which has the function of fire tube body, a kind of low environmental load compact brushless dc motor system, a kind of industrial cooling structure of the storage tank and so on more than 10 items innovation technology obtains the national utility model patent; In addition, an industrial storage tank for the cooling and improvement of the structure, drum - type hose cleaning machine to obtain the national invention patent.