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Maintenance Of Engine Lubricating Oil For Fire Truck
- Jul 21, 2017 -

  Maintenance of engine lubricating oil for Fire Truck

  A fire truck prices are not low, but usually they will not use it, the key must play a role, Fire Truck how effective maintenance tank fire truck, we start from the lubrication of the fire truck.

  We all know that there is no friction to help the car itself is impossible to move, but the engine internal friction will cause too much damage, Fire Truck we can not completely eliminate the internal friction, but the use of friction to reduce friction will minimize friction.

  The role of lubricating oil in a car engine is as follows

  1 to reduce the heat generated by friction

  2 to reduce the loss of friction due to work,

  3 seal to prevent the piston piston ring and cylinder liner and other components between the leak,

  4 heat dissipation through the flow of lubricating oil between the friction parts and take away the heat,

  5 cleaning the role of washing in the friction surface due to strange wear and tear of the metal,

  Can not use unclean or poor quality of the lubricant, if the extension of the use of lubricating oil engine lubricants in many additional materials will be depleted ineffective, Fire Truck it must be replaced on a regular basis to prevent wear and tear

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