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Mingguang Haomiao Security Protection Technology Corporation :common Fire Safety Knowledge 50.
- Jan 14, 2018 -

1. The fire should be reported in time, and the alarm is early and the loss is small. Our country's fire alarm call is 119.

2. After the fire, the correct way to report the fire alarm is to tell the fire unit, the detailed address, the fire material and the size of the fire, whether someone is trapped, leaving the name and contact information of the alarm person.

3. In case of fire, the first thing to do is to dial 119 fire alarm and notify the fire chief of the unit.

4.It is illegal to lie about fire. If the fire alarm is falsely reported, it may be detained for 10 days.

5. The public security fire brigade will not charge any fee for fighting and saving the fire.

6. Discover fire hazards and fire safety violations, call the fire danger report phone "96119" and report to the local public security fire department.

7. Personal damage, misappropriation or unauthorized dismantling or disuse of fire control facilities, equipment, buried pressure, enclosure, or blocking fire hydrant shall be subject to a disciplinary warning or a fine of less than 500 yuan.

8. When the fire channel is blocked or closed, the individual shall report to the fire control agency of the public security organ.

9. When the fire truck carries out the fire fighting or rescue mission, the social vehicles and pedestrians should step aside.

10. Should be careful not to lie on the bed or on the sofa to smoke, not to throw cigarette butts.

11, cigarette butts center temperature can reach 700-700 ℃, it more than the cotton, linen, wool fabrics, paper, furniture and other fuel burning. If you throw cigarette butts in contact with these combustible materials, it is easy to start a fire.

12. Indoor decoration should not be used for polyurethane foam.

13. When buying fireworks, we should buy qualified products at the regular point of sale.

14. When children set off fireworks, the correct practice is to be supervised by adults and set off at designated discharge places.

15.When extinguishing with a fire extinguisher, the nozzle of the fire extinguisher should be aimed at the root of the flame.

16. The best place to extinguish fire with a fire extinguisher is to have the upper or side wind position within 3-5 meters of the fire.

17.Electric iron is a household appliance commonly used in family life. When ironing clothes, it is a mistake to leave for a while, without having to unplug the power plug.

18.The most favorable stage of fire fighting is the initial stage of fire.

19. In order to prevent the disease in the future, the family evacuation plan should be prepared and practiced, and the safe exit of residential buildings should be familiar and the best escape route should be designed.

20. When using solvents and paints in the decoration of units or homes, it is necessary to keep the air ventilated in addition to eliminating all kinds of fire.

Do not throw cigarette butts, do not lie in bed to smoke.

The correct way to check for air leakage in gas and other gas stoves is to use soapy water to brush the hose and the joint.

21. The correct way to check whether the gas is leaking gas is to use soapy water to brush the hose and the joint.

22. When opening the door to smell a strong smell of gas, open doors and Windows quickly to prevent detonation.

23. When using gas facilities and appliances in the family, the correct way is to check the gas cooker and pipe frequently, and do not install or dismantle the gas appliances without authorization.

24. When staying in a hotel hotel, first of all, you should pay attention to the exit map posted after the door and check the safe exit location.

25. The computer is on fire. The correct way is to remove the power and cover the computer with a wet quilt.

26. Ordinary rural residents should be equipped with sand, water tank, bucket and other fire fighting equipment.

27. In the daily life of the countryside, when cooking with firewood, it is wrong to put a large amount of firewood on the hearth and around the kitchen for convenience.

28. Safe use of gas and soup in the home, it is wrong to go out to buy vegetables or watch TV in the living room for a long time.

29. In the fire, the floor with relative safety of jumping building is below two floors, and the outdoor ground is the garden lawn and other non-hardened ground.

30. Any unit and individual shall have the obligation to maintain fire control safety, protect fire control facilities, prevent fire and report fire.

31. Any unit or adult has the obligation to participate in organized fire fighting.

32. In accordance with the provisions of the criminal law of our country, the death penalty may be punishable by death or serious loss of public or private property.

33. In the summer heat, be careful to avoid a car fire. It is not correct to put plastic lighters, mousse, air fresheners and other things in the car to explode and catch fire.

34.Parents want education children not to play with fire. Tell children to play with fire and keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.

35. Use the liquid gas or gas, must develop the habit of first ignition, after gas.

36. When a fire escapes, try to stay close to the ground as far as possible. The main reason is that the toxic hot smoke produced by combustion is relatively small in the vicinity of the ground, which can reduce the risk of poisoning.

37. The oil pan caught fire, and the wrong way to save water was to douse it with water.

38. When entering public places, it is important to observe the safety exit and evacuation passageway, and remember the evacuation direction.

39. The act of causing serious consequences caused by the negligence of the actor constitutes a crime of fire.

40.China's annual "119" fire awareness day is November 9.

41.In the summer heat, be careful to avoid a car fire. It is not correct to put plastic lighters, mousse, air fresheners and other things in the car to explode and catch fire.

Fire escape method.

In case of fire, no minor shall be organized to save fire.

42. When taking public transportation, if a fire breaks out and finds the nearest door and window to escape, quickly get out of the car and away from the fire vehicle.

43. In case of fire, the correct way is to calm down, calm down and escape quickly and correctly.

44. If you are woken up by a firework during sleep, the correct way to escape is to immediately seek an escape route and escape quickly.

45. During the business operation period, it is wrong to lock the safe exit.

46.The main cause of death in a fire is the death from inhalation of toxic smoke.

47. When the high-rise building fires, the correct approach is to escape from the evacuation channel.

48. In case of fire, escape quickly to safety exit.

49, dance halls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, marketplaces and other places of public gathering, before put into use, business, shall apply to local public security organ fire control institutions for fire control safety inspection, the inspection qualified rear can put into use, the business

50. The method of fire extinguishing by hand is wrong when the body is on fire.