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Mount Asan County Mobile Fire APP Opens The Management Service New Platform
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Recently, the fire management service information platform jointly developed by the public security fire brigade and yuxi hang seng technology co., LTD. In yuxi, yunnan province, has been successfully launched. Since its launch, the "fire control" APP has been the first mobile client of "early adopter fire" APP. "Artifact" has realized the fire supervision and management departments, the key unit of fire safety and real-time interaction between and among social public and new need to constantly adapt to the era of mobile Internet, through a more open, transparent, fast and efficient fire supervision and management, services, and administrative licensing of the green channel, greatly improve the fire fighting administrative efficiency and regular fire control propaganda and education results.

Build information platform based on the situation. In, widespread argument on the basis of investigation and research and development of fire APP phone software as the breach of the optimization of fire management services, and at the same time selected yuxi in research and technology advantages and good publicity platform hang seng technology co., LTD. As a strategic partner, strive to build efficient, the convenience and benefit of the fire management information service platform. In the process of research and development, closely around the security requirements and fire administrative function orientation is required, the optimized design "hidden trouble fast", "fire school", "news", "law", "safe save" and "through train" and "fire big housekeeper", "hidden trouble you find" eight major parts, such as the main content of fire supervision and management work. After more than a year of intensive research and development, the "fire" palm APP formally launched on January 1, 2018, has realized the fire supervision department, the key unit of fire safety and social public real-time interaction, built a fire management service green passage.

Base on the convenience of the people, promote service upgrading. "Palm fire" software data information database and docking as a focal point in the existing fire professional data system, strengthen the coordination and technical research, through "the last kilometer" of fire management services. At present, the "fire" palm APP has built-in "through train" for handling plate with yunnan fire and train fire control safety of census register, social unit management system, fire control products, such as management information service platform database effective docking, and on this basis, the development of the query function, "five" service guide, realize the mobile phone business, fire mobile office "masses", greatly improved the efficiency and transparency.

Base on the focus group, increase the promotion. Will "palm fire" APP application included in the annual fire propaganda work focus, clear the key unit to fire safety, key post personnel as the main object, step by step for party and government leadership, organizations, and social masses, student groups, and volunteer groups to conduct a comprehensive promotion. Joint public security, education, government, and other departments, with the aid of social media platforms, fire theme activities, seize for-profit units to promote free WIFI opportunity, establish the work mechanism of multi-channel, omni-directional promotion. In particular, adopting administrative means to link APP promotion to fire monitoring management has had an immediate effect. At present, the county 32 fire safety key units on fire control safety responsibility, managers, fire control room operator on duty, security key parts and service personnel, fire control propaganda ambassador, high-level there and fire volunteers to install and use "palm fire" APP reached 100%.