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Mr. Ni Contributed To The Construction Of The Teaching Facilities Of Jiashan Elementary School
- Dec 29, 2017 -

Mr. Ni Shihe honorary chairman of mingguang vast security technology co. LTD., the original mingguang senior vocational middle school principal, took over a light component overhaul factory since 1982, after thirty years of continuous improvement, the light is captivating security technology co., LTD as a national fixed-point production of the ministry of public security fire truck and special vehicles of state-level high-tech enterprises, in the past age does not forget his hometown of public welfare and education care

er, in 2010 to build rural roads in his hometown, to solve the traffic; This year, after learning about the current situation of primary school without teaching computer classroom, on October 31, I donated 20 teaching computers to jiashan elementary school to meet the smooth development of elementary school electrical teaching courses.

October 31, Mr NiShiHe appointed the company relevant technical personnel, together the suppliers of this batch of lenovo computers and technical engineers, dedicated to this batch of new lenovo computers to jiashan set of elementary school, delivered to the primary school teachers and students, along with the computer engineer of computer installation and commissioning.

This program in addition to teaching computer donation, and primary school playground renovation, road construction and building water access project, hard for students to create a good learning and living space.