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Our Company Exports The Argentine Fire Truck To The Factory.
- Jan 29, 2018 -

On the day of the day, the Argentine city community fire brigade procured the east wind 153 water tank fire truck, from our company official departure, is about to leave the dock far away from the ocean. During the production process in the last three months, all departments of our company have worked together to successfully solve the technical problems of foreign-related vehicles and meet the special requirements of customers.

Our company actively explore the international market, fruitful, gradually won the foreign insurance company product the customer's understanding and recognition, also highlights the products of our company in the international market, there are quite a competitive ability and market prospect. In the past two years, our company has successively successfully operated vehicle exports to the countries of west Asia, uzbekistan, Jordan, South Asia, Laos and South America.

The fire truck is expected to arrive in Argentina in 40 days and put into local fire protection work.