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Precautions For Fire Engines During Fire Fighting
- Dec 22, 2017 -

To the fire

Fire engines are in the area of fire fighting and fire fighting.

1. Fire engines must be safe and fast during their journey to the fire. Fire engines should select the nearest fire truck passage. When multiple vehicles are out, the workshop will maintain adequate safety distance (50 meters to 80 meters). After arriving at the fire, avoid the multiple vehicles entering the same combat zone simultaneously, so as to prevent the fire field commander from moving the vehicle into the fire fighting, and then delay the aircraft.

2. The fire engine driver must obey the command of the fire commander in the fire field, and he can execute the command of the commander in a smart and flexible manner to ensure the smooth operation of the fire fighting. Irreversible changes in the fire, directly endanger the fire trucks, first vehicles moved to safer place continue to fight, and timely report the vehicle parking location.

Pay attention to the operation

Several problems that should be paid attention to in operation when fire fighting vehicles enter fire fighting and rescue.

Special fire truck

1. After the fire vehicle enters the fire field, the vehicle shall be parked in accordance with the position designated by the fire control officer. The parking attitude of vehicles can satisfy the need for fire attack and retreat, and must be flexible and easy to withdraw from dangerous positions. The engine must be kept in a state of operation. Fire engines began to water, should gradually increase the water pressure, avoid sudden booster for nozzle reaction and the water hammer caused combat casualties or hose blasting, effect of fire fighting and rescue work carried out smoothly. The fire hose is in the process of laying, if the road and ground have sharp objects (like the broken glass in the fire). It is necessary to protect the water belt and prevent the water belt from being cut off and the car to influence the fire.

2. In the process of access to water, attention should be paid to whether the water supply pressure of hydrant can meet the needs of fire engines. It is necessary to pay attention to the water depth and silt conditions of the pond, so as to prevent the water supply from being interrupted by the shallow water and the influence of the water intake.

3. When the water source is more than the direct water supply capacity of fire truck, fire truck shall be used to carry out water supply. The driver of the water supply car should pay attention to the overflow of the overflow pipe and maintain proper water supply. When the rear vehicle cannot observe the overflow of the front car, the driver of the front car can open the manhole in the upper part of the water tank to prevent the phenomenon of the rising tank caused by excessive water supply. In the process of water supply, the water vehicle should choose the hard pavement and take necessary measures to prevent the vehicle from getting bogged down because of the overflow. In the case of direct coupling of relay water supply, the same type of fire fighting vehicles should be used, and each vehicle must coordinate with each other to prevent the water supply from being interrupted due to improper operation. When direct water supply pressure is high, proper water pressure should be paid to prevent injuries and combatants.


The proper use of foam trucks in the fire is the basis for extinguishing the petrochemical fire.

Foam trucks are necessary equipment to save oil, chemical, factory, port and other fire. Since it has the performance of water tank fire engines, it is a matter of importance to use foam fire trucks correctly for each fire commander. Because of the special performance of foam fire engines, this fire engine is facing the most dangerous fire scene, such as petrochemical industry. The fire is burning speed, the fire situation changes more, burning explosion probability as well as to the characteristics of fire trucks and the threat of fighters, so, in order to make the foam fire truck after the arrival of good position, can rapidly spread fire fighting and must pay attention to the following:

1. Foam fire truck should use lientang to fire, quickly out of the water, to the appropriate pressure (dongfeng truck, for example, when using PQ8 gun pressure for acuity 0.686 MPa, when using truck-mounted gun pressure for acuity 0.785 MPa), after open the pressure water cock, then open the foam tank liquid ball valve, mixer will be dispatched to the appropriate location, on the flame center, spray foam liquid.

2. When using foam cannon for near war, fire engines should be protected according to the fire condition. Can cover the body with asbestos cloth, and cover with water spray when necessary.

3. During the whole fire fighting, the driver must stay in the position, pay attention to the instant margin of the bubble liquid, and add the foam liquid in time. Once the foam liquid is used up, the whole operation must be affected.

To prevent water hammer

Prevent the action of water hammer.

Pressure of water flow in pipes, fire hose, such as fire control valve, fire hydrant, water gun quickly shut down as well as the weight of vehicles such as the weight across the pressure hose, make the water inside the pipes, fire hose instantaneous stops flowing, leading to higher pressure transient in the piping, fire hose, high pressure pipe, fire hose, such as the role of, as a hammer blow, this phenomenon is called water hammer effect. Water hammer effect form increased pressure inside the pipeline, fire hose can achieve a few or even hundreds of atmospheric pressure, pipes, fire hose, fire equipment, equipment damage, directly affect the fire rescue work. Therefore, in fire rescue, water hammer must be prevented.

Dry car

The daily maintenance of fire trucks and dry powder foam and the attention points used in the fire field.

1. Regularly check whether the dry powder in the dry powder can be lumped. When adding dry powder, prevent debris from mixing in.

2. Every five years according to the regulation pressure to the dry powder tank to carry on water pressure and airtight test, maintain 3 minutes, the pressure meter value should not drop, the welding place should not have leakage and abnormal phenomenon.

3. Dry powder gun (gun) should be used to purge the inner cavity in time so as not to corrode and clog the dry powder gun.

4. Check nitrogen, dry powder pipe joint and valve condition, find problems and solve them in time. Check the pressure inside the nitrogen cylinder every three months. When pressure is lower than 12 mp, it should be re-inflated.

5. (car) powder foam al powder car on fire when using should be based on the actual situation of the fire, extinguish fire accurately calculated the required amount of dry powder, dry powder at the same time the car (car) powder foam al as much as possible close to the fire, aiming point, makes every effort to put out success at a time. In the use of dry powder car oil chemical fire rescue, fire commander should according to the need to assemble the corresponding power, do a good job, cover should consider using the bubble car then attack at the same time, to prevent the resurgence, provide powerful guarantee for successful fire fighting and rescue work.