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Prevention Measures For Air-conditioner Malfunction Of Fire Truck
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Prevention measures for air-conditioner malfunction of Fire Truck

If the engine vehicle is running slowly or the parking time is longer, the air conditioner should be operated at a higher speed so that the air conditioner can be cooled normally. In the case of a Fire Truck equipped with a Low-speed control device, it can automatically increase the idling speed and make the engine air conditioner running normally. To prevent the occurrence of air conditioning failure, the following matters should be noted:

1. Prevent loose belt. The belt too loose will appear the sliding abnormal sound, turns on the air conditioner to appear the shrill sound, the refrigeration effect reduces. The tightness of the belt of the compressor and the belt of the blower should be inspected once a month. With the thumb to press down the midpoint of the belt, if you can press the 10~20mm, indicating the appropriate tightness, otherwise should be adjusted.

2. To prevent the compressor fixed nut loosening. Once the nut loosening will appear jitter, increased belt wear.

3. Prevent the condenser from clogging. The condenser is dirt, the dust is blocked, the refrigeration ability reduces. Should be cleaned regularly, especially before seasonal use, check the condenser, evaporator surface, dust removal.

4. Prevent the leakage of joints, refrigeration system which pipe joints appear oil, indicating where there is leakage, to repair in a timely manner.

Good maintenance of the various parts of the Fire Truck, can be in the operation of a comfortable environment.