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Safety Knowledge Remember: Use Gas 15 Common Sense.
- Feb 25, 2018 -

The gas tank is familiar to all, and many families and restaurants and street vendors rely on it to cook. In the event of an explosion, it will cause great personal injury and property damage. On October 10, at 11:57 a.m., a small restaurant in yangjia lane, jinghu district, wuhu city, anhui province blew up, causing a fire and causing casualties. In case of gas leakage in life, how to avoid risk? Which safety use common sense should pay attention to? What are the common sense mistakes in the use of gas?

Why can't a room equipped with gas equipment be used as a bedroom and lounge?

Equipped with gas meter, kitchen burning gas and gas pipe gas equipment, facilities, room or kitchen can't as bedroom and lounge, because if the gas meter, kitchen burning gas and the gas pipe damage leakage, imperceptible, are more likely to cause explosion, fire and other dangers.

2. Why is there any danger when using gas?

When using gas, one should not leave, keep an eye on the fire and adjust the flame. Because the soup is boiling over, it may extinguish the flame, or use a small fire, the flame is blown out by the wind, the gas continues to rise, causing explosions, fires and other accidents.

Iii. How to do safety check when stopping?

To stop the use of gas or to go to bed, you should check the switch of the gas cooker to see if it is all closed and the gas valve should be closed.

4. What should I do if I find a leak?

Such as found in indoor gas odor, immediately opened the doors and Windows, and check whether the kitchen burning gas switch is closed, such as closed, may be gas pipe or gas meter place such as leakage, gas meter will be immediately before the total valve shall be closed, then to call the gas company to check the outdoor. When gas users are out of the home, they should turn off the gas meter before the main switch to ensure safety.

What are the safety prohibitions that should be paid attention to?

In case of gas leak, the user can not cut off the gas source, the gas company should be informed immediately. Before the maintenance personnel arrive, the user should not stay indoors, and strictly prohibit the fire, or turn off or turn off the light, so as to avoid poisoning, explosion and other accidents.

How to identify gas leakage?

Gas is an invisible, colorless gas that is invisible to the naked eye. However, the gas used by the user must be artificially added, and it has a special odor that is easy to smell. If you smell something like this, you should pay attention to gas leaks. When looking for air leakage, use soapy water to apply the gas meter, stove and pipe connection. Wherever the bubble is, it is the gas leakage, but it cannot be used in the inspection.

7. What are the hazards of stacking objects near gas table stoves?

In gas meter, kitchen burning gas, water heater, gas facilities do not pile up around the waste paper, plastic products, dry wood, gasoline, bamboo basket items such as burn, and other sundry, prevent light gas, burning match stick to throw into the causes of fire accidents and prevent maintenance work.

How to adjust the flame?

When boiling food or kettle, the flame should not exceed the bottom of the pot and the area of the pot. The electric cooker should regulate the wind between the burner and the oven, and the blue light of the flame will prevail. Avoid big fires and waste gas.

Burning gas is a waste?

Use gas to make sure that you do it well, use it again, don't let it burn, and don't waste gas for fear of trouble.

What do you do if the flame blows in the wind?

When the flame hits the wind, it will fall to one side or swing, and the heat will spread and affect the combustion. Best according to the size of the focal eye made a wind ring, tin or use old basin, will remove a pot cover on the outside of the pan feet, this can prevent the wind blowing out the flame, flame combustion, and can make full use of, save gas.

How to use the gas cooker switch?

Open air switch, push the with the hand, 90 ° anticlockwise, hear "them", should be burner flame burning with can let go of my hand, and cut 90 ° for minimum flame burner fire right now, and adjustable up to air supply cut off.

The function and use method of gas meter switch.

The gas meter switch is the gate when the stove is repaired. It should be opened in the morning and closed in the evening. It is often used to avoid rust and prevent the accident from happening. The use method is to turn on the gas when the switch handle and the gas pipe are parallel, and when the switch handle and the gas pipe are crossed, the gas is turned off.

13. Maintenance of gas cooker.

Remove stains from the surface of the gas burner regularly to prevent rust.

Burner fireeye is easily blocked by rice juice, and can often be used with wire or old toothbrush.

The inlet of the burner can sometimes be blocked by a variety of sundries, which can be removed with a thick iron wire.

How to get "burner" : first open the pan foot, then slightly raise the burner to be able to take out.

How to handle "switch tight" : it is advisable to lower the kitchen panel, use the panel or small hammer to aim at the top of the switch, and add a little lubricant to loosen it.

14. Treatment of gas pipelines in interior decoration.

When the gas pipeline is encountered in the interior decoration, it is necessary to apply for permission to carry out the change.

The gas pipeline is easy to be eroded and leaky pipe fittings. When many users decorate, the pipe is buried in the wall (ground), which is not easy to check, which can cause a lot of damage to normal maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to expose the gas pipe to the indoor environment when decorating, so as to handle the corrosion leakage in time and ensure the safe use of gas.

15. Other matters needing attention.

Regular education children should not play with the gas stove valve, hose and other gas facilities, so as to avoid the leakage of the hose connection.

It is strictly prohibited to use air burning gas to bake clothes, bed sheets, baby diapers, etc., so as not to fire the clothes.

Gas stoves, water heaters and other fixtures are not allowed in doors and Windows closed, nor are they used in an environment where air is not in circulation.

It is not allowed to hang articles on gas facilities such as gas pipe and gas meter, so as to avoid the leakage caused by loosening of rubber pipe joints, and replacement should be carried out in time for the aging gas hose.