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Sanya Installed 8000 Fire Intelligent Alarm System.
- Feb 08, 2018 -

"Beeps... "The crew put their wireless smoke detector into the smoke, and the shrill alarm went off. At the same time, the computer and the owner's phone, which is being monitored in the background, also issued alerts. On January 24th afternoon, door village community residents' committees, in Hong Kong to sanya, sanya public security fire control team JiYang brigade staff daily demonstrates wireless smoke detector and working mechanism of intelligent fire detection and alarm system. The on-site demonstration shows that the fire intelligent alarm system can effectively enhance fire safety early warning, ensure that when the initial fire occurs, the alarm will be activated and timely and effective. It is reported that the jiyang district has completed the construction of 2,800 wireless smoke detectors in four communities, including Hong Kong gate, chunguang, hongsha and linchun, which is expected to complete 8,000 points before the Spring Festival.

According to the city public security fire control team JiYang area brigade staff Wang Guzhao introduction, JiYang area litchi ditch, city village, under the ocean field, such as port door village, commodity street urban-rural fringe, fire hazard is serious, "village inside city fire prevention foundation weak conditions, once the fire will cause heavy casualties and property losses. The construction of the wireless intelligent fire alarm system, to a certain extent, improve the status quo of the regional fire foundation weak, for fire fighting for a certain time, for the beginning of fire, effectively reduce the economic property loss and casualties caused by fire, maintaining the order of the scene of the fire, etc., it is of great social significance and realistic significance.

"This smoke alarm is very convenient, and there is no danger of fire. There used to be a fire in the neighborhood, and now it's safe to put the fire alarm in your shop." The owner of the honest hair supermarket on the third lane of linchun river told reporters that the nearby shops were basically installed.

It is understood that the fire intelligent alarm system consists of several wireless smoke detectors, iot gateways, cloud platforms and clients. When the wireless smoke detector induction to smoke, the wireless signal through the iot gateway uploaded to the cloud platform, platform will alarm message three ways at the same time using voice, SMS, APP will alarm information delivery to the client, on fire alarm location, remind those responsible to on-site confirmation. At present, the construction unit is in the jurisdiction of each installation site to carry out the installation work. City public security fire control team JiYang area brigade also positively joint station, communities, the village committee fire safety management "grid", take "the door" one to one service form, further explain the use of wireless intelligent fire alarm system and daily inspection method, pays special attention to the common area of fire prevention and control work.