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Simulated Escape Hangzhou Scenic Spot Fire R & D Fire Safety Education VR Platform
- Jun 29, 2018 -

In order to comprehensively popularize firefighting and evacuation propaganda work, further raise the national fire safety awareness, and promote the fire safety education VR platform, the Hangzhou Scenic Area Fire Brigade teamed up with Shuwei Technology to develop the province's first fire safety education VR platform.

Firefighting education is an important window for firefighting troops to popularize firefighting knowledge. The ability to use emerging technologies to meet current social groups needs and requirements is an important shortcoming to be solved in current firefighting education. It is based on the current model of firefighting propaganda. The fact that the single carrier is not enough and the interaction is not enough. The scenic brigade jointly discusses micro-technologies to discuss the latest scene of research and development “VR fire escape simulation system”. The brigade provides fire-fighting propaganda professional and technical knowledge. The company staff establishes and creates software and computer modeling. A virtual scene is loaded into the host for the user to click and experience.

Wearing VR glasses to participate in the experience, glasses inside and the edge of the computer display simultaneously, showing a closed office suddenly fire. Faced with the scene of fire and smoke escaping outside the door, through fire safety tips, taking advantage of wet towels, leaned over the green channel to escape successfully. Experience the VR game platform to tell us that the game can be repeated. The real fire does not understand escape skills. It only has one life. ”

Through the VR platform, the experiencer is instantly immersed in the simulation process. According to the “fire” on the scene, the fire fighting equipment and the fire escape experience are properly used with the fire fighting equipment to learn practical fire safety knowledge and master safety escape skills.