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Smart Fire: How To Deal With Future Fires?
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence... "Smart heads" will be used to monitor fire, early warning and operational command. Released by the ministry of public security on the comprehensive promotion of the construction of "intelligent fire" guidance ", points out that to accelerate the modern technology and fire the depth of the fusion, comprehensively improve the level of fire science and technology, informationization, intellectualized, under the condition of informatization transformation and upgrading of fire prevention and fire fighting and emergency rescue. What will "smart fire" change in response to future fires? The reporter combed it.

See point 1: fire protection remote monitoring will be upgraded comprehensively

The reporter understands, along with the advancement of "intelligent fire" construction, fire control system, the number of Internet users will continue to expand the system alarm linkage, facilities, fire supervision and inspection, unit management, and other functions will be perfect.

Compared with the traditional monitoring fire alarm system, the fire protection remote monitoring will achieve a comprehensive upgrade: the image pattern recognition technology can be used to analyze the fire and smoke smoke to analyze the alarm; Indoor fire hydrant and automatic sprinkler system hydraulic pressure, high level fire water tank and fire water level, fire water supply pipeline valve opening status, fire door switch status will be monitored online; The security outlet and the evacuation channel and the duty station of the fire control room can be monitored in real time.

In addition, the fire monitoring system will be connected with the electrical fire monitoring system to monitor the leakage current and cable temperature in real time. Research and development of mobile phone APP system, dynamic monitoring, stereoscopic display connected unit fire safety status. At the end of 2018, urban and above cities are built and put into use of the iot fire protection remote monitoring system.

Watch point two: the fire extinguishing rescue realizes "a picture" actual combat command

As the big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, geographic information technology application, such as "intelligent fire" will implement a picture of the fire fighting and rescue command, a figure scheduling, a diagram analysis, a decision.

The reporter understands that by the end of 2018, the ministry of public security's fire department, the general team and the detachment level 3 combat command platform will realize the network operation, and all kinds of information resource data will be implemented on the platform to achieve normalization and maintenance. Real-time access to disaster scene images, voice and data through emergency communication system to grasp the situation of disaster situation and development; Associated combat general situation of the geographical location, object, structure, fire control facilities and digital plans, as well as the surrounding roads, water supply, major hazards, such as information, to fight for analysis and to provide vertical support object, precision; operational object, The district fire brigade station, various forms of fire fighting teams, equipment and equipment, security materials and other information on the display; On the operation command, application position location, Internet, mobile terminal equipment, such as command, grasp force location, quantity, and state and realize mobile information push, one-click power scheduling and computer information interaction; Through the sharing of information resources such as joint government emergency departments, social emergency linkage units, and joint logistic support units, we will improve the response, joint disposal, and coordinated effectiveness of the police.

See point 3: high-rise housing will realize intelligent fire warning

In modern cities, fire prevention and management of high-rise buildings are of particular importance. Local smart electricity, gas and water systems will be integrated to integrate the various monitoring systems of high-rise residential buildings and video resources to establish a smart fire warning system. In the new high-rise residential application of urban iot fire remote monitoring system, real-time monitoring of fire control facilities, electrical wiring, gas pipelines and evacuation staircases is carried out. In old high-rise residential building with application of independent type fire detection alarm, simple spray equipment, fire emergency broadcasting and independent type combustible gas detector, wireless alarm, wireless audio and video alarm facilities manually.

In addition the phone APP system will use the mobile Internet technology, all kinds of monitoring information and mobile phone connectivity, fire monitors, the local police station, community grid member, micro fire team members and building property management staff, residents, can receive real-time fire alarm signal, check the fire control facilities, safety evacuation, electric gas monitoring data, the realization of high-rise residential fire safety information management.