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Solution To Insufficient Driving Power Of Fire Trucks
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Solution to insufficient driving power of Fire Trucks

The driving force of the Fire Truck is not enough. Parking check: Engine idling, low speed good, in the middle and high speed when the work is not excellent; acceleration when the carburetor issued a "squeak, squeak" sound, drag damper slightly improved, the engine no obvious jitter, nor temper shooting phenomenon, can be preliminary judgment is the Fire Truck oil circuit failure.

From the carburetor oil plane inspection hole observation can be learned: oil surface normal, good oil supply, and then remove the carburetor inspection, speed up the pump assembly intact, the oil channel unblocked;

That could be a Fire Truck. Circuit failure, need to check: Unplug the cylinder line test fire, the spark strong, the cylinder working conditions are good, but the acceleration of high-pressure sometimes break the fire, so open the distributor lid check. Contact clearance is normal, good contacts, no ablation phenomenon, active contact arm tension is normal, each connection site is firmly reliable.

After analyzing the above situation, it can be seen that the Fire Truck has a common and personality of the obvious fault, much like the oil pipe leakage or a half blockage caused by the mixture of dilute, through the inspection, to negate some judgments. If not in the oil, only in the circuit. If the cause of high pressure broken fire is also a lot, it is easy to suspect to the distributor contact or capacitor failure; When these two possibilities are ruled out, they can only find fault in the ignition coils. In check the ignition coil work if the failure, causing the engine to improve the speed of the high voltage sparks can not be timely, and the above failure. Replace a new ignition coil test, the failure can be lifted.

The reason for the lack of driving power of Fire Trucks is to check the cheapness.