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Special Fire Truck Introduction Of Different Uses
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Fire engines are the main equipment of the fire brigade. Its use is to fire fighting officers and extinguishing agents, equipment and equipment safe and quickly transported to the fire, to rescue personnel, extinguishing fires.

Different types of fire engines have their own unique uses. Examples are as follows:

Fire engines are the main equipment of the fire brigade. Its use is to fire fighting officers and extinguishing agents, equipment and equipment safe and quickly transported to the fire, to rescue personnel, extinguishing fires.

Different types of fire engines have their own unique uses. Examples are as follows:

Pump Truck: It is equipped with fire pumps and other fire equipment and crew seats, in order to transport firefighters to the fire, the use of water directly to save, can also be used to other fire extinguishing equipment to supply water. Most of the domestic pump fire engines for Jeep chassis and BJ130 chassis modification, suitable for water with narrow roads of the city and township.

Tank fire Engine: In addition to the car equipped with fire pumps and equipment, but also has a larger capacity of water storage tanks and guns, cannons and so on. The water and fire fighters can be transported to the fire station independently to extinguish fires. It can also be directly used to save water from water, or to other fire engines and fire-extinguishing devices. In the water shortage area can also be used for water supply, water transport vehicles, suitable for general fire fighting, is the public Security fire brigade and enterprises dedicated fire fighting vehicles standing.

Foam fire Engine: The main equipment of fire pump, water tank, foam tank, foam mixing system, foam gun, cannon and other fire equipment, can independently extinguish fire. It is especially suitable for oil fires such as oil and its products, as well as water supply and foam mixture, which is a necessary fire-fighting vehicle for petrochemical enterprises, oil-transporting terminals, airports and city professional fire brigade.

High-foam fire engine: equipped with high number of foam generator and fire pump system. Can rapidly spray foaming 400~1000 times the large number of high volume air foam, so that the surface of the combustion and air isolation, play a role in suffocation and cooling, and can exclude some of the smoke, suitable for extinguishing basements, warehouses, ships and other closed or semi-enclosed building fire, the effect is significant.

Carbon dioxide fire Engine: the vehicle is equipped with carbon dioxide extinguishing agent high-pressure gas cylinders and its complete set of injection equipment, and some also has a fire pump. It is mainly used to extinguish the fire of precious equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics and books files, and also to extinguish general material fires.

Dry powder Fire Engine: The main equipment of dry powder extinguishing agent and the whole package of dry powder injection device, fire pump and fire equipment, etc., mainly using dry powder to save combustible and flammable liquid, flammable gas fire, charged equipment fire, can also extinguish general material fire. For large-scale chemical pipeline fire, the effect of extinguishing is particularly remarkable. It is a standing fire engine for petrochemical enterprises.

Foam-Dry-powder combined fire Truck: the vehicle's equipment and fire extinguishing agent are the combination of foam fire engine and dry powder engine, which can both spray different extinguishing agents and can be used separately. It is suitable for extinguishing combustible gas, flammable liquid, organic solvent and electrical equipment as well as general material fire.

Airport Rescue pilot Fire Engine: This kind of vehicle has very good maneuverability and is equipped with about 1000L of light water foam liquid. The car, after being alerted to the plane crash, was able to move extremely quickly to the crash site, spraying light water bubbles into the plane's fire site, preventing the flames from spreading, and gaining invaluable time for the rescue of the back-up Airport fire truck.

Airport Rescue Fire Engine: dedicated to the aircraft crash fire fighting and rescue personnel, is a large chemical fire engine. Its characteristics are loaded with a large number of water and a certain proportion of foam fire extinguishing agent and dry powder, but also equipped with a variety of firefighting and rescue equipment and demolition tools, vehicles have good maneuverability and off-road performance, and can be in the process of spraying extinguishing agent. This is a significant difference from the general fire fighting fire engines.

Ascend platform Fire Engine: The vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic elevating platform, for fire fighters to ascend the high-rise building, tall facilities, oil tanks and other fire, rescue trapped personnel, lifting the fire engine: equipped with folding, telescopic or modular arm, turntable and fire extinguishing device. Fire fighters can spray and fight targets in the air by fire-extinguishing devices at the top of the ground remote-operated arm.

Ladder fire Engine: the car with telescopic ladder (can be equipped with lifting bucket turntable and fire extinguishing device, for fire fighters ascend to fire and rescue trapped personnel, applicable to high-rise building fire fighting.

Communication Command Fire Engine: The vehicle is equipped with radio, telephone, PA and other communication equipment, is for the fire scene commanders to command firefighting, rescue and communication contact of the special Service fire engine.

Lighting fire Engines: vehicles are mainly equipped with power generation and lighting equipment (generators, fixed lifting lighting towers and mobile lamps) and communications equipment. In order to provide lighting for the night fire and rescue work, and also as a temporary power supply for communication, broadcasting propaganda and demolition equipment.

Emergency rescue fire Engine: vehicles equipped with a variety of fire rescue equipment, firefighters special protection equipment, fire breaking tools and ignition detector, is responsible for rescue mission of the Special Service fire engine.

Reconnaissance fire engines: the car equipped with investigation cabinets, investigation boxes, broken tool cabinets, equipped with gas, liquid, sound and other detectors and analytical instruments can also be equipped with the user requirements of radio, walkie-talkie, video recorders, tape recorder and open (closed) Road TV. It is a kind of reconnaissance fire engine suitable for special purpose of public security, judicature and fire fighting system. It is used in fire scene, crime scene and other site investigation, also applies to tertiary institutions, factories and mines enterprises, scientific research departments and geological prospecting units.

Smoke exhaust fire Engine: The vehicle is equipped with fan, air duct, used for smoke or forced ventilation in the fire, in order to enable firefighters to enter the fire in the building to fire and rescue work. Especially suitable for extinguishing underground buildings and warehouses and other places to use fire.

Water Fire Truck: it is characterized by a large capacity storage tank, but also equipped with a fire pump system, used as a back-up vehicle for water supply, especially for drought and water shortage areas. It also has the function of a general tank fire engine.

Supply-Liquid fire truck: The main equipment on the vehicle is foam liquid tank and foam liquid pump device. It is a back-up vehicle for supplying foam liquid to the fire scene.

Equipment Fire Engine: for the fire suction pipe, Fire water belt, interface, broken tools, lifesaving equipment and other types of fire equipment and accessories transported to the scene.

Ambulance Fire Engine: The vehicle is equipped with stretcher, oxygen respirator and other medical supplies, first aid equipment, used to rescue and transport casualties personnel.

Propaganda fire-fighting vehicles: The main equipment of the car film and television, recording sound and power generation equipment, is to carry out fire prevention propaganda of the dedicated fire service.