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Special Fire Truck Set The Request
- Sep 15, 2017 -

The correct setting of the fire lane is related to the normal rapid fire safety of fire engines, such as some special areas, in the event of fire, the containment of the fire is also very timely and effective, so for these special areas of the fire lane is set Have special requirements!

Please see the details below:

1, factory, warehouse, yard, tank area and large public buildings fire lane set requirements

According to the fire squadron in the practice of fighting the fire to reflect the larger area of the factory, warehouse, yard, tank area when the fire, burning very fast, strong fire, fighting the fire longer, if there is no fire ring road and flat Open space, will inevitably lead to fire vehicles can not enter, is bound to cause congestion, so that the fire truck is difficult to close to the fire, therefore, factories, warehouses should be set fire lane. A, B, C plant covers an area of more than 3000 square meters or a B, C class Treasury covers an area of more than 1500 square meters, can be set along its two long sides for the fire truck and the width of not less than 6m Of the flat open space. Flammable, combustible materials Open field yard area, liquefied petroleum gas storage tank area, A, B, C liquid tank area, should be set up fire lane or available for fire engines and the width of not less than 6m flat open space.

More than 3,000 seats of the stadium, more than 2000 seats in the hall and covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters of exhibition halls and other large public buildings, because the building volume, large footprint, staff and more intensive, in order to facilitate the fire when fighting And personnel evacuation, should be set up circular fire lane.

2, high-rise building fire lane set requirements

With the accelerating pace of urbanization, urban land increasingly tense, and promote the construction of high-rise buildings. Many high-rise buildings, due to improper design of fire and other reasons, there are many congenital risks, the fire has occurred, suffered heavy losses.

In order to create convenient conditions for fire fighting and rescue work, to ensure the safety of buildings, high-rise buildings should be set around the ring fire lane. But regardless of the size of the building, will require ring road fire lane is indeed difficult, along the two long sides of the building set up lanes. In order to prevent the fire when the building components collapse of the fire lane normal operation, fire lane from the outer wall should be 5m. Between the fire lane and the high-rise building, should not be set up to prevent the operation of the fire truck trees, overhead pipelines.