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Special Fire Truck Seven Species
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Fire engines, also known as fire engines, fire engines in the fire scene to play an important role, the fire truck can be said to be the scene of the fire fighting tank. Fire engines are specifically used for fire or other emergency rescue vehicles, firefighters and fire fighting an important tool, when a fire, the scene you will find the first time the footprints of fire engines, fire fighting is their mission, Today to bring you into the world of fire engines, to understand those unique fire engines.

1. The value of 900 million Nanjing street double-headed fire engines

Nanjing street is double-headed fire engines, many people may have seen only one side, this is really rare on both sides, this double-headed fire engines can be described as "high", worth 900 million, the car with smoke Machine, A, B-type foam, in the car at the top and bottom with a spray self-protection system. Double front fire truck has a unique dual cab and four wheel steering system, no need to turn the corner turned into a highlight of it, especially for narrow streets and alleys in the rescue rescue race against time to rescue.

2. domineering leaked jaguar airport fire engines

2015 Germany Hannover Fire Show on the new Puma Airport fire engine debut in 2011 Jaguar CA5 6x6 fire truck starred in "Transformers 3" in the villain role of the natural enemies must have memories of all, as the top airport fire engines, the new Americas Leopard uses a large number of LED lighting to replace the traditional light bulb, high-strength bionic cab through the impact test and the use of access to the EU safety recognized tempered glass. Airport fire engines can be said to be one of the defenders of airport security, its use is dedicated to the prevention and rescue of aircraft fires, its biggest feature is the loading of foam fire extinguishing agent and dry powder fire extinguishing agent, when the incident, the airport fire Will fulfill their sacred mission.

3. Rail dual-use fire truck subway fire God of War

Rail dual-use fire engines, also known as subway fire engines, the largest mission is the subway fire operations, but also competent general general road and tunnel fire operations, light from the outside track rail fire engines and ordinary fire engines are not much difference, in fact, the largest The difference is that the rail fire engine installed a set of advanced rail travel system, it is this system to drive the track fire truck track operations.

4. Crawler forest fire truck in the forest guard

Crawler fire truck is a suitable for forest in a variety of complex terrain conditions for forest fire and fire, transport firefighters, equipment and supplies of special vehicles, mainly for the armed police forest firefighting, is a veritable forest guard. SXD-09 multi-purpose crawler forest fire engines, the maximum speed of 52KM / H, the maximum climbing degree of 32 degrees, the tank volume of 3.1 tons, the maximum range of 40 meters car pump. With high passability, high mobility, broken open ability, small size, light weight and other characteristics, suitable for mechanized fire fighting in the northeast forest.

5. Monster Lu Sen Baoya "buffalo fire truck"

This car is a famous fire engine manufacturer in Luxembourg launched the fire engine, "buffalo" vehicle up to 13 meters wide and 3.55 meters, the height is reached 4.2 meters, will become the world's largest fire truck. This fire engine also has its own mission, mainly for the lack of water areas of fire prepared, the same applies to coal and oil and gas field fire fighting work.

6. I want to guard against the higher order of the ladder fire truck

The ladder fire engine has a hydraulic lifting platform for firefighters to climb high-rise buildings, tall facilities, oil tanks and other fires, rescue trapped people, rescue valuable materials and complete other rescue tasks, can be said that high-rise building fire rescue A big "weapon". This Scania P360 revolves the ladder fire truck, half the cab, 6x4 drive. Equipped with 13 liters inline 6-cylinder engine, Euro four emissions, can output 360 horsepower 1850 Nm. With 8 + 1 block gearbox and 3.42 speed ratio drive axle. The car carrying a variety of fire equipment, the most conspicuous is 6 56 meters swing ladder, one can carry three people; another 1550 liters / min of the pump, there are 400V portable generators and heavy fans.

7. pointed fire engine snow dragon F65O really different

In the fire truck there is a pointed fire engine, this car a lot of people may not have seen, Ford F-650 fire engine is a pointed fire engine, this super fire truck water capacity of 2.8 tons, but also loaded 200 liters of foam, the price is about 2.6 million or so. The F-650, which has a very surprising size, is not a very difficult thing to drive, because it's driving in the same way as the F-series pickups in the same door are not much different, unlike other trucks with full dashboard buttons And the complex joystick makes you feel dizzy.

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